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Ryobi 10 Inches Table Saw | Expert’s Advice & Review

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This Ryobi table saw is a powerful little beast, which we found appealing when we first used it. With its foldable stand, you can now simply transport it anywhere and do your work, either indoor or outdoor. It’s powered by a 15-amp motor that spins at 5,000 RPMs. This type of strength is ideal for multiple tasks. Overall, it’s a rugged and reliable car with a superior engine. 

If you’re looking for a table saw, you’ll almost certainly come across the Ryobi brand. Ryobi goods are frequently less expensive than competitor brands. They aren’t as inexpensive as “budget” table saws but an excellent middle-of-the-road alternative that provides longevity and quality without breaking the bank. 

Let’s find out more about this table saw and how it can be the most suitable equipment for your workplace without much ado. 

What Does the Ryobi Table Saw Include?

What Does the Ryobi Table Saw Include
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  • Onboard storage for all accessories is built in.
  • For extra longevity and frame strength, a steel roll cage is used.
  • A powerful 15 amp motor with a blade brake is included.
  • Transport and storage stand that folds up.
  • Just use a cast-aluminum tabletop for a level, sturdy, and lightweight worktop.
  • For accessibility, the board rip barrier has integrated push stick storage.
  • 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee with integrated dust chute and tool-free guarding
  • Miter Gauge 
  • Transparent Blade Guard 
  • Assembly with Anti-Kickback Pawls for Table Saw Rip Fence
  • Carbide-tipped blade with 24 teeth
  • Operator’s Manual for Hex Key 2 Blade Wrenches Leg Stand

 Main Features of the Ryobi’s 10 inches Table Saw

 Main Features of the Ryobi's 10 inches Table Saw
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  • User-friendly design- This table saw becomes a must-have for homes due to characteristics such as a powerful engine, a large rip capacity, a user-friendly design, a sturdy fence, and a good enough stand.
  • It’s a little heavy: The table’s top is composed of aluminum, which accounts for its lightweight weight of 51.56 pounds. Steel support with a thick gauge.
  • Built-in wheels: It’s a huge benefit, making things a lot easier to handle.
  • In-built Storage: You can carry your additional tools along with it anywhere you want to. 
  • Blade Guard System” in Ryobi 10 table saw: For an application-specific configuration, it uses a Site-Pro Modular Guarding System. As a result, the cuts are swift and precise and save your time. 
  • Durability- The rip fence and guarding assembly, for example, were made of high-quality stainless steel, which added to the saw’s longevity. Making these metal parts prevents users from unintentional wounds while also decreasing saw damage. 
  • High-quality body- While plastic is a tough material that can’t be avoided on most modern instruments, the plastic on this saw seems to be less reliable than other Ryobi options. The plastic didn’t feel cheap, but it did have a lightness about it that bothered me. Other users could dismiss this as a minor annoyance.

Performance of the Ryobi 10 inches Table Saw

Performance of the Ryobi 10 inches Table Saw
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  • All of your sawing equipment, especially lubricating oil, may be kept in one spot thanks to integrated storage.
  • Simple to use and the lightweight folding stand that allows you to take your saw with you wherever you go.
  • A robust and long-lasting work surface is provided with a strong metal tabletop that never feels too heavy.
  • It’s easy to keep your saw running and your job safe with the push-stick operation.
  • Dust chute catches sawdust and helps to keep your workplace odor-free.
  • Tool-free guarding protects your hands and decreases the risk of self-cutting.
  • The use of steel cages improves the frame’s overall strength and durability.
  • A miter gauge can help you make more precise cuts when angling them.
  • A rip barrier protects you against a range of saw issues.
  • Anti-kickback technology keeps your cutting board from rebounding back at you as you cut it.
  • You’ll receive a complete operator’s manual, as well as vital maintenance instructions.

The Operating Guide of the Ryobi Table Saw

The Operating Guide of the Ryobi Table Saw
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  • Any saw’s rip capacity is important, but it’s especially important when buying a compact or compact table saw. Smaller table saws with sufficient power are available, but the motor and rip capability must be considered.
  • The surface area of a table saw is always important. Make absolutely sure you have adequate area to work on the blade’s right and left sides.
  • Examine the table, as well as the workspace, to ensure that you’ll have a place to store your equipment both when you’re working and when you’re not.
  • When your table saw arrives, you’ll need to set it up. Your delivery should include most of the necessary mounting hardware as well as directions.
  • Kickback is a possibility with every table saw. Opt for a saw with installed anti-kickback pawls to limit the risk of kickback.
  • Working with any tool that has a blade is risky. When possible, use safety glasses and keep your blade guard on.
  • Stability is essential while using a table saw. You’ll like a configuration that reduces vibrations to keep you comfy while you’re working.
  • With certain table saws, power cords are supplied. Although this is more convenient than charging a battery, it does limit where it may be used. Make sure you have access to a power outlet at your office. You’ll want to avoid creating a tripping hazard whether you’re connecting directly to the wall or utilizing an extension cord.
  • The amount of noise is another thing to think about. The Ryobi is a little louder than other models in its pricing range if you need to keep things quiet.
  • If you need to cut grooves, be sure the table saw you buy, whether it’s a Ryobi or not, can handle dado blades. This function is available on some Ryobi tables, but not all.

Pros and Cons of the Ryoib 10 Inches Table Saw

Pros and Cons of the Ryoib 10 Inches Table Saw
Image Credit: https://www.ryobitools.com/

Here are some pros and cons of this table that you need to peruse before making a final buying decision. 


  • Several Attachments and features assist in alleviating concerns.
  • Sliding Stand to move this saw practically anywhere
  • Drawers and cabinets paired with nickel hardware were very wonderful.
  • Lightweight Design
  • Adaptable Uses can cut boards at exact angles and obtain deep and angled looks.


  • Some attachments are made of plastics
  • Table shredders of this style and make aren’t always capable of making small, precise cuts.
  • Cutting sections up to 1-2 inches in diameter is doable.
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Who Would Benefit From this Multi-Use Tool?

What kind of buyer would think a Ryobi table saw is a good investment? Weekend warriors or builders who prefer working on a few projects on their days off, we feel, will benefit the most from it. Yes, it’s a power saw machine with a variety of advantages. We enjoy how the blade design is sturdy and constant. Yet, how would it operate for a dedicated or competent carpenter who works on a range of projects?

Who Would Benefit From this Multi-Use Tool
Image Credit: https://toolsinaction.com/

In our viewpoint, this kind is tiny enough for the great majority of professionals. The table is extremely lightweight and easily collapsible. Regardless of the fact that the equipment isn’t particularly light, detaching the blade might assist in lightening the load. This saw should be able to be handled and set up by one strong person or two persons of medium strength.

Indeed, for the great majority of people. It is capable of doing the majority of easy-cutting chores with ease. It may not be as powerful as more specialized saws. We contrasted a metal-cutting blade to a specialized metal cutter, for example. The RTS12 performs excellently, although it is slower than the other option, meaning that the edge will grind down sooner than anticipated.

Finally, we feel that this building equipment would help the vast majority of carpenters. Because of its high performance and ease of movement, it is suited for a wide range of building operations. It’s also cheaper than $200, which makes it quite appealing. However, don’t expect it to last as long or as powerful as a more costly saw. If you’ve been addicted to this type of model, you’re in for a treat.


The RYOBI 10″ Table Saw produces excellent results at a moderate cost. This instrument is appropriate for budget-conscious professionals since it is equipped with some of the most up-to-date tabletops saw functionality and safety requirements. The Ryobi 10 inch Table Saw is a wonderful addition to any tool collection, whether you’re framing a door or building a deck. It’s small and easy to use, making it a perfect addition to any toolbox.

Or you’re certain, go to a nearby store and trial it out and see how it operates. Regardless of the fact that it becomes increasingly hard to find, certain merchants may allow you to practice with them. However, seeing the saw in person will give you an excellent idea of if it’s perfect for you.

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