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Ryobi 10 Inches Table Saw | Expert’s Advice and Review

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Many different saws are used by woodworkers, metalworkers, and more. Saws are essential in the workshop, but the variety can quickly confuse. One of the most popular saws out there is the table saw.

Ryobi makes exceptional table saws, with the Ryobi 10 proving quite popular among users. For many, table saws are a steep investment, so a thorough check is often required. Table saws last for years, so making the wrong decision can leave you with inefficient equipment for a long time.

How do you understand a table saw before purchase? Following expert advice that thoroughly reviews the table saw reveals all you need to know. And the best way to start this review is by understanding the history of this saw.

History of Ryobi 10 Table Saw

Ryobi is a Japanese manufacturing company that began in 1943. But it wasn’t until 1968 that it began producing power tools and table saws. While Ryobi makes a variety of table saws, the Ryobi 10 series l stands out.

There are still some variations in the Ryobi 10 series. You can find the model or serial number on a black label pasted on the tool. The model for many starts with an RT, so you can look out for this.

The Ryobi 10 table saw’s exact horsepower and capacity may vary considerably. However, the focus will be on the 15 amps table saw. Using the table saw to crosscut or rip wood efficiently depends on the quality of the saw and how well you understand it.

Features of Ryobi 10 Inches Table Saw

Features of Ryobi 10 Inches Table Saw

Table saws differ in quality due to the varying features, which is evident for even table saws from the same brand. The best way to understand the Ryobi 10 table saw is to study its features. Here are the primary features of this table saw:

1. Blade Diameter

The blade used for the Ryobi 10 table saw has a 10-inch diameter. This figure features prominently on the product and is often called alongside its name. While it gets so much publicity, many don’t realize the 10-inch in its name refers to the blade’s diameter.

Considering their popularity, people love these blade sizes as they’re easier to find. 10-inch diameter blades can also be used in miter saws, so if you have a miter saw, you might find extra uses for your blade. However, this blade size isn’t the largest and typically features reduced cutting capacity.

2. Power


How much work your table saw can execute is tied to how much power it can utilize. This Ryobi 10 saw is powered by a 15-amp motor. It is typically enough for most DIY woodworking activities.

The powerful motor helps to cut through thick wood pieces without stress. You can cut different wood sizes with the help of its 15-amp motor. The power also helps with precision and speed of cut. Usually, the power of a table saw is associated with the blade’s speed.

3. Speed

Speed in table saws refers to the number of turns the blade makes per minute. The saw blade’s revolution per minute (RPM) is vital to any table saw. Alongside the power and blade diameter, it affects the efficiency of the cut and the lumber size it can cut.

Ryobi 10 table saw blade has a speed of 10000 RPM. This high blade speed means the blade turns faster and cuts better. Nevertheless, you can adjust the blade speed to fit your needs. Blades on high blade speed cut wood pieces cleanly.

4. Fence


The table saw fence significantly influences the quality of your cuts. Without this guidance, your workpiece will leave the marked points when the blade is spinning. Ryobi features a durable fence that stays in place during usage.

Its durability is tied to the fence locking at the back and front for increased security. It gets even better as you can adjust the tightness of the fence with a screw at the back. This screw controls the tightness of the fence back.

5. Size of Work Area

One of the primary characteristics of the Ryobi 10 table saw is the large workspace attached to it by the manufacturer. The extensive platform supports heavier workpieces and allows you to cut them more precisely.

The trick with more expansive workspaces is the extra control it affords the user. Imagine not worrying about the workpiece’s stability and focusing on pushing it through the blade. The result would be a precise cut and more safety.

You’ll get much support for larger workpieces from this 25″ by 17″ wide table area. Comparing the table size with the overall table saw size will show that the Ryobi 10 table is more expansive than usual, which is extremely pleasant.

6. Portability and Storage

Portability and Storage

Most Ryobi table saws are built for home use, with the Ryobi 10 featuring a portable saw that you can store easily. The manufacturer designed this saw with portability in mind, with its compact size significantly helping its case. There’s also a built-in carrying handle for more effortless movement between locations.

If you have limited space in your workshop, getting tools that’ll use up minimal space during storage is essential. You can fold the Ryobi 10 to reduce its size and allow you to store it more efficiently.

With its compact size, especially when folded, you can store this saw on a workbench or even a shelf till required again. It won’t use up a lot of space. Moving this saw while folded is also possible through the help of its built-in handle.

7. On-Board Storage

Where do you keep your table saw accessories? You can carry them in bags or use the designated onboard storage available in the Ryobi 10 table saw. These storage spaces are located right on the table saw and are easy to reach.

Manufacturers understand the importance of proper accessories storage to prevent loss and improve accessibility, so they have included drawers on the table saw.

Pros and Cons

Ryobi 10 table saw is widely used by DIYers and professional woodworkers. But how has it become so popular? You’ll find out some of the benefits and disadvantages of this table saw. At the end, you can see reasons for and against purchasing the saw.


  • Its powerful 15-amp motor is impressive and offers the basis for improved performance.
  • It is a portable saw and easy to move with its foldable legs and built-in handle helping its case.
  • It features a high-speed blade that can cut precisely through various wood sizes.
  • The adjustable miter gauge and rip fence provide more control and support.
  • Blade height and tilt adjustment are available for this table saw, ensuring you can always make the correct cut.
  • Extensive cast aluminum table top that supports wider workpieces. 
  • It features onboard Storage compartments to keep your accessories.


  • Adjusting the fence is sometimes challenging using the adjustment knobs.
  • The power can be better, as cleanly cutting thicker pieces is challenging.
  • The dust collection system associated with this stand isn’t the best since it doesn’t gather all the dust in the cutting area.

Should You Buy The Ryobi 10 Table Saw?

Should You Buy The Ryobi 10 Table Saw

Are you wondering whether you should buy the Ryobi 19 table saw after learning about its features, pros and cons? You can get the most out of a table saw if you choose the correct one.

The Ryobi 10 table saw is suitable for beginners with little cutting experience. It is easy to use and handle, with a short learning curve for its controls. This saw is perfect for small DIY projects requiring minimal power. It is unsuitable for heavy-duty tasks as its power cannot deliver precise cuts.

Budget is an important consideration when choosing a suitable table saw. This saw is highly affordable, but its accessories, like the dust collection system and blades, may increase the cost significantly.

Consider the Ryobi 19 table saw if you’re under a strict budget, working on simple tasks, and are a beginner with minimal experience.

Expert Advice

Proper table saw usage will significantly improve your cutting and safety. Here are some expert advice to internalize to ensure a successful cut:

1. Use Protective Gear

Use Protective Gear

The high-speed blade with sharp teeth can be an accident waiting to happen without the right gear. It is vital always to wear protecting material before using the saw. Out on the goggles to prevent dust and small pieces from flying into your eyes.

Wear fit clothes to prevent a piece from getting caught by the saw blade. You also want to wear boots in the workspace to avoid stepping on a chipped-off wood piece.

2. Sharpen Dull Blades

Dull blades will cut your wood poorly, cause it to split, and are the leading cause of overheating in the motor. Sharpen the blades to prevent these damaging features of a dull blade.

3. Utilize Lower Speeds as a Beginner

Utilize Lower Speeds as a Beginner

While the Ryobi 10 features a 5000 RPM blade speed, you may be better off using a lower speed as a beginner and adjusting to higher levels as you acclimate.

4. Beware of the Kickback Zone

Correctly positioning yourself when using the table saw will improve your safety. Knowing the kickback zone, an area behind the wood piece while cutting, is vital. Stay away from the kickback zone to avoid accidents.

5. Check Dado Blade Compatibility

Check Dado Blade Compatibility

If you need to make grooves, ensure the Ryobi 10 table saw you purchase is compatible with a dado blade.


Do you have any challenges understanding the Ryobi 10 table saw characteristics? This section will answer some of your questions.

Q1. Is a 10-inch cutting blade enough?

Ans: A 10-inch cutting blade will provide enough cutting depth for small to medium size pieces.

Q2. How thick can you cut with a 10-inch table saw?

Ans: You can cut wood about two inches thick with your 10-inch blade table saw at maximum cutting width. You can also cut 4-inch wide at 45 degrees and 6-inch wide at 90 degrees.

Q3. Can I use a 7-inch blade in a 10-inch table saw?

Ans: You can use a 7 or 8-inch blade in a 10-inch table saw with minimal problems. Remember, the cutting depth will reduce with the reduction in blade diameter.


Ryobi 10 table saw is impressive for DIYers and professionals, considering its decent power levels, high speed, and good blade size. For its price, this table saw offers many benefits, including its adjustable rip fence and miter gauge.

The saw is suitable for people under strict budgets, considering its price. Its easy-to-use features and controls make it an attractive option for beginners.