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21 Simple DIY Shadow Box Ideas You’ll Love

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Do you feel like having plain photo frames hanging on your walls is a waste of space? Want to do something more creative? If yes, then making DIY shadow boxes is a bandwagon you should hop onto.

A shadow box is a display of objects that are aesthetically or artistically arranged into groups, enclosed by a glass top. They often follow a theme in their design and the creator makes use of concepts like image depth and relative height to maximize the visual impact it has.

21 Simple DIY Shadow Box Ideas

There are many ways to stylize your shadowboxes. Here we have listed 21 of the easiest DIY shadow box ideas for you to execute at your convenience.

1. DIY Rosette Shadow Box

Here’s a way to recycle all the scrap pieces of cards at your house. This DIY plan guides you through the process of making your own paper flowers by paper folding.

You can either buy a kit for this project or make do with the materials lying at home. All one needs is some unfinished wood, craft paint, hot glue, paper rosettes, and a creative mind.

2. DIY Lettered Shadow Box

This quick project makes use of removable vinyl decals, though you can opt for your own lettering too. Expect to create a separate layer as a background for the lettering.

This idea can also be implemented on photo frames instead of shadow boxes. All you need is a Silhouette Cameo, vinyl, and pretty scrapbook paper.

3. DIY Floral Shadow Box

You can never really go wrong with floral wall art. Try out these floral themed decor options to perk up your room. Faux flowers will work best, as it eliminates the hassle of placing lively looking flowers each week.

4. DIY Sewing Kit Shadow Box

For all those embroidery lovers out there, this project showcases your soul on the wall. Display your threads and wools on the wall of your craft room, and just wait for inspiration to strike!

This project is a part of a 3-piece wall art, and there are 2 additional projects in this plan.

5. DIY Knit Ampersand Shadow Box

Another project for the knitters, this is a chance for you to display your knitting skills on the wall. Experiment with colors of your choice and knit an ampersand to be framed. Remember, color-code the ampersand sign and the background by first considering several choices.

One can also try to knit alternative shapes and symbols. Perhaps a star, heart, or an Om sign?

6. DIY Color Heart Shadow Box

Perfect for kids and all those painterly types, just coat a simple wood heart with different colors and frame it for the finish. You can even add a few gems or sequins to give it a sparkly aura.

7. DIY Succulent Shadow Box

Succulents are the latest trend, and what better way to participate than to put them up on your wall? You could even hang them on your doorstep or on the fence of your garden boundaries. Try to include more variety in leaf shapes and colors to enhance the visual appeal of the project.

Succulents are low maintenance plants, and hence you don’t have to water them frequently. Occasional watering every now and then should do the job.

8. DIY Lighted Christmas Shadow Box

Want to go for a Christmassy vibe? This project with an LED-powered display will definitely spark a festive atmosphere at home. Start with a holiday photo, then add the lights, and finally fill up the box will faux snow.

If you are unable to find faux snow, you can also try to use textured salt, a cheap and convenient alternative. Wondering if you’ll need a framing nailer for this plan? Check out these 10 top-notch framing nailers.

9. DIY Paper Flowers Shadow Box

This DIY shadow box will give a dense garden feel to your wall. To make this a highly decorated piece, you can go for a monochrome or colorful theme as per the theme of the wall you decide to place it onto.

Letter your favorite quote from a novel or an inspiration film, or simply your life mantra, across the top of the glass for a more elegant effect.

10. DIY Collage Shadow Box

Making collages is always fun, and this project is an ideal opportunity to show off your scrapbooking skills on the wall. Gather up photos and other bits of paper to create an aesthetically-pleasing arrangement to display.

One can easily enhance the overall aesthetics by adding little snippets or fractal patterns in the background.

11. DIY Ocean View Shadow Box

For all the beach babies out there, this DIY plan gives you a way to put up your favorite beach scenery anywhere in your home. Use sand, shells, and vacation photos to create this soothing piece of art.

12. DIY Vintage Map Shadow Box

Contrastingly, vintage is the modern cool and this assures that such DIY shadow box ideas will amp up any wall. Cut a section of a map, maybe from an atlas, to create this innovative shadow box that will exhibit the traveling buff inside you. You could even update the map by marking places you’ve visited.

For people who haven’t been able to kick-off their travel lifestyle yet, use the map of your dream destination for the project, and stay motivated to save up towards a dream trip.

13. DIY Vibrant Shadow Box

This DIY project is perfect if you want to create something personalized and unique. It can also be made for gifting purposes and can guarantee a smile on the recipient’s face. The utter focus that falls on the main body makes it great for laying emphasis on anything you want to display.

14. DIY Memory-filled Shadow Box

It is often difficult to store and cherish three-dimensional items using a scrapbook. You are forced to discard outgrown toys, trinkets, and photos. However, this shadow box solves the issue.

Stash up all your memories in a convenient location and put it on exhibit. Have too many memories? No worries, simply make a set of 2 to 4 of such shadow boxes!

15. DIY Floral Wreath Shadow Box

Use a shadow box as a display for your first greetings from family and friends at your housewarming party.

Ask them to write their wishes on small cards shaped like leaves (like a guest book), and then later arrange them as a wreath. You can also use this idea for other occasions like baby showers or weddings.

16. DIY Seashell Shadow Box

Seashells have a charm of their own and are super pretty to look at. You can make use of this by stuffing up a shadow box with shells of different kinds and give your wall a beachy feel.

You can also add other accessories like starfish or seahorse models to the project, for a more aquatic look.

17. DIY Baby Shoes Shadow Box

This DIY provides you a heartfelt keepsake in sync with the growing years of your baby. All you have to do is collect different shoe sizes as your kid grew up and then attach them to the box.

You might have to take apart the shadow box to fit in the shoes, however, on the positive side, you will have a new frame for more DIY projects.

18. DIY Shadow Box Bank

Custom a shadow box and use it as a piggy bank after you are through with this DIY project. Personalize the box as per your view towards savings! How about a quote like “That money talks. I’ll not deny, I heard it once: It said, Goodbye.”

19. DIY Multi-Cubby Shadow Box

This is the ideal project if you are looking for a shadow box with an open feel. The design has got 4 cubbies which can be used to display small houseplants or showpieces. Storing an amalgamation of visually captivating items in here could add a royal look, all credits to the beautiful carvings on the corners.

20. DIY Light-Up Shadow Box

Customize a shadow box frame with photos you love, clear tape, and battery-operated LED lights to instantly transform your room’s overall feel.

The step-by-step instructions are extremely easy to follow and shouldn’t take you more than 2 hours.


  • Clear tape
  • Thin duct tape
  • Battery-operated LED lights with remote
  • 12″ x 12″ mat with 4″ x 4″ openings
  • Shadowbox frame
  • 4 1/2″ square photos
  • Scissors/paper trimmer

21. DIY Grid Shadow Box

A shadow box with over 24 storage slots makes it perfect for displaying a series of eye-catching items. Alternative rows have evenly shaped slots, the 1st and 3rd rows being longer than the 2nd and 4th row.


There are dozens of ideas out there for you to customize and design a shadow box. Either choose one or multiple of these DIY shadow box ideas. A combination could be an epic sight in your backyard, office room, or even the kids’ playroom.

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