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16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

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Children’s rooms call for accessible storage facilities that play the role more than a wardrobe. This is because other than their clothes, they have tons of toys that need a space to be placed away when not in use.

Stuffing them into a corner, letting them lay around, or over-populating them into the closet is a messy and temporary solution.

Many parents turn to baskets, storage crates, and other items that can be easily bought at the nearest supermarket. However, these boxes might only make the room look cluttered and add no personalized touch.

This is when these DIY toy box ideas come into the picture. How lovely would a fully-customized and handmade toy box be?

These 16 DIY toy box ideas offer various builds, materials, styles, sizes, and difficulty levels to choose from. You could go for a box with lids or wheels, or maybe double up the functionality by incorporating a sitting space or a play bench with the storage box. But no matter which plans you choose, the results of the hard work would fill your kid’s room with your love; and empty it of its mess, too.

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas

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1.    DIY Toy Box Crate

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

If you are looking for a rustic toy box that would take some primary skill levels to build, then head over to this plan. It suggests you utilize left-over board or ‘raw’ ones and fuse the dents’ aura and uneven alignments to make it into an eye-catching toy storage box. These natural flaws contribute to the captivating look of this crate.

There are no fancy cuts involved. This makes it a simple task for individuals who are not proficient woodworkers. The plan uses non-mortise hinges, although the butt variety or the continuous ones can be utilized as alternatives.

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2.    Wooden DIY Toy Box + Play Bench

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

Build your kid a wooden toy chest that serves as a classic yet modern style. This medium-sized DIY toy box idea has three inset levels that set it apart from standard storage boxes.

Cutting out a long and straightforward contemporary finger slot would let you operate the lid with ease.

Speaking of the lid, you can choose not to include it in your project, unless you want to provide your child with a play bench. For that, ensure that you place rubber or felt pads on the lid to protect the front.

3.    Simple DIY Toy Storage Box

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

A spare afternoon is all you need to build this basic DIY toy box. The plan primarily utilizes hard glue to hold the wooden boards together, instead of nails. Nails are used only to keep them intact while the glue dries.

Add a coat of lacquer as a protection for the wood. After that, you can customize the look as per the bedroom’s interiors, since the guide leaves out instructions for stylizing it.

Either of these ten top-notch scroll saws could help in beautifying the end product.

4.    DIY Lightweight Toy Box

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

Toys do not necessarily need to be bulky. Unless your kid has massive Lego sets or remote-controlled monster cars, this DIY plan would be the best option for the little ones.

It is a lightweight model since it does not utilize 2×4 boards that many conventional toy chests do.

Along with a partner, this project can be done within a day. 1×1 boards are cut into 10- 15 long pieces and attached inside the walls to act as a support system. The four hinges used are attached to these stumps for more durability.

5.    DIY Upholstered Toy Box

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

This DIY toy storage plan comes with a upholster attached to the lid. It can make for an excellent cushioned seating for adults and children, while simultaneously holding toys in its broad and deep space.

The box itself is constructed using particle boards that give the chest a long lifespan.

The upholstery is made using foam covered with a layer of quilt batting and then a fabric piece. You can add lid supporters after installing the upholstery for additional safety.

6.    DIY Slow-Closing Toy Box

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

Slow-closing lids require more than just regular hinges. These require soft closing hinges and a couple of other devices like the ‘stay,’ which is a type of lid support.

The plan advises that those looking to get a paint-grade finish should opt for 18mm MDF and other wood sheet materials. But if you are settling for a stain-grade style, then A1 plywood can be utilized.

7.    Toy Box Build DIY

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

Numerous toys or a large number of items overflowing from your kid’s wardrobe calls for a big and sturdy storage facility. This DIY toy box idea comes with a soft-closing lid and functions as a playroom seating too.

You can choose to add the MDF panels to the build through two methods. One of the ways needs a plunge router, and the other does not. Directions for both the choices are provided in this plan.

8.    DIY Farmhouse Toy Box

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

If you are looking for a no-fuss toy box plan that does not include a lid? This open-ended toy box should fit the bill! The DIYer also throws in the option of adding castors to the bottom, to make the box mobile.

The built uses shiplap to make the small structure sturdy. It also instructs you to cut the corner posts according to the three shiplap boards’ height put together. This becomes an extra step, but it does not take up much time and brings a desirable visual charm.

9.    DIY Wooden Crate Toy Box

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

The use of wooden crates in this DIY toy box idea makes it a project that takes up a maximum of four hours. Using two unfinished wooden crates, you can construct a toy box that seamlessly fits into your house’s theme.

The inclusion of swivel cartels lets the kids move it around quickly. Finish it off with a clear glaze, and your remote toy storage unit is ready for use!

10. DIY Toy Box Bench

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

People with basic to intermediatory skills in woodworking would love this project.

To achieve this sleek design, there will be a need for an artsy perspective and some carpentry mastery. 

You can fulfill the need for both a sitting area and toy storage space with this plan. Be informed, and the structure would take up a fair amount of space.

With the heavy boards used, it can take around two days to complete it, staining included.  Full overlay European hinges are used to suit the design. These hinges are also amongst the easiest to install.

11. DIY Deep Toy Box Idea

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

Sometimes traditionally structured toy boxes never fail to impress. Follow this plan to build your child a deep and movable storage space. The lid of this toy box is not attached to it with hinges.

Instead, it is a slide-on plank that can be stored away if the chest overflows with toys.

The plan gives two stylizing options after the base is built. You can either make a modern, geometric design or use stain and paint to give it a camouflage look.

12. DIY Toy Box with Cartels

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

Small wooden crates that double up as multifunctional storage spaces – these words are perfectly apt to describe this DIY toy box idea. Containers are repurposed in this plan, and the only construction you would have to do is for the lid.

The guide also helps you attach cushioning to the top to act as a makeshift seat while storing little knick-knacks.

13. DIY Cardboard Toy Box

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

Hate woodworking? Well, how about showcasing your sewing skills? You will need to start with a sturdy cardboard box and make sure to choose one which comes with a high degree of durability.

Follow the instructions in the guide to sew a touch fabric around the box, along with some clothe handles. The delicate materials will allow you to have a lovely makeshift toy box ready, enough to clear out the clutter in your kid’s room.

14. Easy DIY Toy Box

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

Build an effortless storage setup using this plan. It is suited best for people with a carpeted floor, since the original guide does not include a bottom for the box.

The construction is also the right choice for DIYers who have recently begun experimenting with wood and do not want to spend much time on a significant but lightweight toy box.

15. DIY Giant Wooden Letter Toy Box

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

Lettered building blocks inspire this unique toy storage space. Fit for an infant or a young child’s room, this giant cube could easily store tons of small toys.

All the screw holes are hidden inside or behind the framing, and the corners are sanded off to ensure that the structure is not hazardous.

The only extra effort required here would be to paint the details of the letter block. Parents could even put posters of their kid’s favorite cartoon characters on all sides.

16. DIY Toy Box with Seating

16 Easy DIY Toy Box Ideas your Kid will Love

The plan offers a straightforward built that would give you a medium-sized toy storage solution. As an alternative to a wooden top, the lid has a webbing stapled into it, which proves to be lesser in weight but just as sturdy as a wooden board.

It is then covered in batting, followed by a fabric of your choice.

Most importantly, the leg knobs keep the box secured in one place.


These were 16 of the best DIY toy box ideas available for parents to give their children a much-needed piece of bedroom organization motivation. A lot of them do not contain styling guides, so you are free to personalize it according to your little one’s likings.

Even after toys are no longer required, these long-lasting units can store various other belongings or as extra seating arrangements.

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