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Chicago Electric 2.5 HP 10″ Tile/Brick Saw Review

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Chicago Electric is a trusted and renowned brand when it comes to power tools and in case of Tile Saws, the case is no different. Its 2.5 Horsepower 10 inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw is one of the most cost effective Power Tools in the market with its capability from making accurate cuts on porcelain to cutting through bricks.

chicago electric industrial tile saw

Specifications & Key Features

Much cheaper than the DeWalt Wet Tile Saws and much more powerful than SKIL Wet Tile Saws in the similar range, Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10 inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw stands its ground in tough competitive market. With 10 inch wet tile saw and 15 amp power supply it can cut through hardest of bricks and stones as well as make professional cuts on delicate porcelain tiles without much wear and tear with right RPM and adjustability with its head pivot and cutting head options.

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  • Cutting Depth. It comes with adjustable cutting head which allows you to adjust the blade to make cuts as deep as 3 1/2 inches.
  • Cutting Ability. It also comes with amazing cutting capacity to cut up to 24 inches.
  • Cutting Angles. Bevel cuts can also be made on tiles at angle of 0 degrees, 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees with help of head pivots.
  • Powerful Motor. Motor is equipped with powerful dual capacitor with sealed bearings and thermal overload protection to prevent easy overload.
  • Smooth Cuts. Its over-sized steel frame has precision linear bar system for smoothness of the cutting operations.
  • Reduced Vibrations. Also for such a big machine in order to reduce vibrations it has heavy duty cast alloy column and cutting head.
  • Warranty. Comes with 90 days warranty.

  • Incredibly easy to use and store.
  • Cheapest tile saw in this market segment.
  • Really good power output and grip
  • Good safety features.
  • Instruction manual is ambiguous and lacks necessary information.
  • Lot heavier than other Tile Saws in the market and difficult to move around.
  • Water from the water trough lands on the floor and quality of water pump is questionable.
  • Knobs are made of cheap plastic and prone to failure in professional use.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10 inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw has received 4.2/5 star ratings on amazon based on 69 buyers opinions. On Amazon it has 55 positive reviews and 14 critical reviews with almost 80% reviewers giving it greater than or equal to 4 stars and only 4% giving it 1 star. While on official website of Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10 inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw which was “Harborfrieght”, based on 302 consumer reviews it was rated at an average of 4.3/5 with 93% respondents would recommend this to a friend.

Critical Analysis

From critical point of view we can say that to handle the plastic knob issue attach a pair of vice grips. Also buying own six 3/8 inch machine bolts and blade on own can be troublesome for some customers but once that tussle is done, there are hardly any complaints from the consumers. Water pump gives out in lots of cases but getting it replaced with better quality pump can easily resolve this issue. Also just 90 days warranty is a bit of a throwaway but all in all for this price, Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10 inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw is bang on the bucks.

Customer Reactions

From detailed analysis of the consumer reviews we can say that for Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10 inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw us as well as majority of consumers were more than satisfied with it. Let it be bought for cutting bricks or making a designer veneer and let it be a professional or a new buyer, consumer haven’t shown much dissatisfaction. Its amazing power and speed excited us and customers alike and its adjustments and output precision were commendable. This is considered to be the best tile saw for household purposes, after minor enhancements, promises to provide satisfactory results.

Final Words

Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10 inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw has robust build quality, a diamond blade which can cut up to 3.5 inches and 2.5 HP motor powers through the most jobs with ease. Although there are certain issues with cutting tray and water delivery system but they can be overlooked as in this price range no other Tile Saws exist.

Being around $500 lower in price compared to DeWalt its natural to be skeptical about its quality but its easy setup to finish makes an instant impact taking it our liking. While having to buy additional blade can have varying opinions among the consumers, we recommend go for premium blades such as of DeWalt Premium XP4 for best usage and experience.

Hence,we can say in our experience Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10 inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw is a unique one of a kind product in this range which right on money and with unprecedented power at this level.

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