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17 Creative DIY Closet Organizer Plans & Ideas

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Don’t have the capacity to manage messy closets anymore? Can’t stand the sight of your scarves, shoes, and other clothes piled over each other? Keep seeing lumps of dust forming in corners within your closet that your hand can’t even reach? In that case, it seems like you need a major closet makeover.

We have listed down 17 creative DIY closet organizer plans to help give your cupboard a much more organized layout. Your closet can now have dedicated sections for shoes, t-shirts, bags, accessories, pants, home wear, and all you want.

There’s no limitation as to which part of your house can you implement these DIY closet organizer ideas. Need one in your backyard? Besides your refrigerator in the kitchen? Or near the bookshelf in your living room? No worries. These DIY closet organization plans are versatile and sure to give you a little more than what you’re looking for.

1. Step In DIY Closet Organizer Plan

diy closet organizer

This plan helps you create plenty of shelves with varying distances between them. There is also a shoe storage section, double hang area, and plenty of vacant floor space. You will also attach 3 closet rod hangers for your coats, jackets, shirts, etc. 


  • Wood screws of varied sized
  • Plywood
  • Maple Boards
  • Tubing Chrome
  • Circular Saw
  • Pin Drilling Jig
  • Stud Finder

For a full-fledged list of materials needed, you can access this guide.

2. 5’ to 8’ DIY Closet Organizer Plan

5’ to 8’ DIY Closet Organizer Plan

A 5’ by 8’ feet closet with 3 hanging rods, 3 differently sized drawers, one full-length upper shelve, and multiple other small storage areas should assist the most messy individual to maintain an organized closet.

You may take some time in acquiring the elements of the detailed cut list. But once that’s done, you’re well on your way to building a solid DIY closet organizer.

3. DIY Fabric Bins Closet Shelves

diy closet organizer

Looking for a shared closet for your kids toys and wardrobe contents? There’s also a bookcase, several kids height shelves, and a hanging rod above which there’s one huge section for storing items that are seldom used.

The fabric bins are what give this DIY closet organizer plan a unique and attractive look. Guess what? You can make these fabric bins yourself too.


  • 14’’ strips of MDF sheet
  • 1’’ x 2’’ pine boards
  • 1’’ x 2’’ poplar boards
  • Nail Gun
  • Wood Filler and Caulk

4. DIY Freestanding Closet Organizer

diy closet organizer

How about an open-space and freestanding closet? No hassle of doors and limited storage. This spacious DIY closet organizer design will completely eliminate the cluttered look that your existing closet probably has.

Sand the wood with high-quality grit and give it some catchy fractal patterns. Odds are you wouldn’t even need to paint it.

5. DIY Glove and Coat Closet Organizer

diy closet organizer

Having a hard time looking for your gloves, scarves, hats, and other small bodywear? A few door-width sized rods along with hooks on either end of each rod should do the job. Shove in 3 to 5 curtain rings onto each rod and you are sure to never spend more than a second looking for your favorite clothing accessories.

6. Box System DIY Closet Organizer

diy closet organizer

11 boxed areas and 2 evenly spaced out hanging rods. This makes closet organization a breeze of a task even for its worst enemy. As this project consists of individually made boxes, it becomes simple to customize the plan as per your unique clothing palette.


  • ¾ Birch Plywood Boards
  • Wood Stain
  • Matching Veneer Edge Tape
  • Screws
  • Wood Glue and Dowels
  • Closet Rod Brackets

7. DIY Custom Closet Organizer

diy closet organizer

If you’re comfortable purchasing some IKEA dressers and basing your closet organization design on their equipment then this guide be a long-term closet storage solution. 

There are 11 steps to successfully accomplish the construction of this DIY guide. Each step comes with self-explanatory pictures to give you a visual sense of the task at hand. 

You may want to check out the best brad nailers in the market as this would be a key tool for this project.

8. DIY Nursery Closet Organizer

diy closet organizer

Got a little baby girl and can’t stop getting her adorable clothing accessories? If your kiddo is growing up quickly and uses several boots, hats, earrings, bows, etc. then this adorable nursery closet could be etched distinctly in her memories.

Also, the seagrass basket could be a go-to spot to store her soft teddies!

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9. DIY Small Bedroom Closet Organization

diy closet organizer

This is a 4 feet wide and 6 feet deep closet plan that comes with a door. All credits to the placement of 2 to 3 adjustable wire racking for giving a clear view of what’s on the rack. 

The best part about this DIY plan is that if you are renovating your existing closet, there’s a lot of materials you can easily re-use. Also, install a few stackable shelving cubes for trinkets and bows. 

10. DIY Father’s Day Closet Organizer

diy closet organizer

Provided you already have closet space, this project doesn’t demand you to do any form of cutting. A bunch of screws, flanges, and wired racks will help bring some organization to your wardrobe. Be it ties, socks, shoes, flip-flops, or even blazers.

11. DIY Master Closet Organizer

diy closet organizer

For people who have an extremely heavy amount of closet load, the hacks in this guide could relieve you of your storage troubles. Acrylic is the one material used to give rise to unobstructed shelving.

12. Budget DIY Closet Organization

diy closet organizer

Don’t want to spend too much on revamping your closet design? This guide is a classic example of efficiency in combination with effectiveness. A few cheap shoe racks, labels, tacks for hanging, and a standing stool will make your storage compact and easily accessible at the same time.

13. DIY Entryway Closet Organizer

diy closet organizer

Making use of storage accessories is the best way to exploit the amount of space your closet has. And that is exactly what you will see here. For example, the presence of wisely placed coat hooks along with a door-side hanging shoe organizer. 

This leaves plenty of breathing space in your closet and doesn’t baffle you each time you open the door.

14. DIY Plywood Closet Organizer

diy closet organizer

Some pine plywood layering and wired storage racks could be a great replacement for those non-functioning shelves and uneven storage sections. Not many people have the skill to redesign their closet storage space within a $100 budget.

15. Low-Cost DIY Custom Closer Organizer

diy closet organizer

The guide harnesses the power of ready-made storage components. You will find common storage ideas here that consist of a tower with drawers and shelves. The shelves being the main support system of your closet. 

The easy-to-implement instructions should help you make your closet beautiful once again, just like the old days. 

16. Single Sheet Plywood DIY Closet Organizer

Single Sheet Plywood DIY Closet Organizer

Ana White never ceases to impress DIYers with her well-documented and quality DIY solutions. You will be surprised at the elegance of what you can construct with a single piece of plywood and a few closet rods. 

Remember, the more organized you are, the easier her plans are to execute!

17. DIY Closet Decluttering Plan

diy closet organizer

Ever used Elfa System shelves? You can put labels of these fully customizable wired bins and stage them one above the other in your closet. Pant hangers, cork square tiles, and sticking any fabric of your choice on the inside door could inspire you each time you open the closet.


No one enjoys the trouble of dealing with a visually frustrating closet. These DIY closet organizer plans have something for people who want to shell out less than $50 or $100, or don’t mind putting in a couple of hundred dollars. Either way, it is 10x cheaper than spending $1000’s on getting a designer, carpenter, and going through the whole grind.