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DEWALT (DCH273B) 20V Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill Review

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A conventional drill isn’t meant to force the bit through extremely tough materials such as concrete and masonry. For such vigorous needs, you’ll need the right equipment to do the task.

The good news is, a great hammer drill will make your vigorous job site work far less challenging. A hammer drill uses a combination of hammering and drilling to force the bit through extremely tough materials, by delivering thousands of blows per minute (BPM) on the targeted surface.

If you’re in the market for a hammer drill, a battery cordless hammer drill is an incredible choice because it’s portable, easy to use & maintain and powerful.

The DEWALT (DCH273B) 20V cordless rotary hammer drill is one of the most rugged tools by DEWALT. We love it for its active vibration control and optimized ergonomic cordless design. Both of which are features that give you ultimate user comfort and increased performance.

The DCH273B proudly stands out among the crowd of rivals. It’s well worth the money, because it gives you corded power without the cord, while being lightweight, durable, and delivering extended runtime.

Is the DEWALT DCH273B the right choice for you?

Read our comprehensive DEWALT DCH273B 20V Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill review below, where we shall explore the features, performance, and limitations of the product.

<strong>Summary of DEWALT DCH273B 20V Max Brushless 1” L-Shape SDS Cordless Rotary Hammer Bare Tool</strong>
  • Brushless motor & durable German-engineered mechanism
  • ‘SHOCKS Active Vibration Control Technology’
  • 2.1 Joules of force & a no-load speed of 0 – 1,100 rpm, 0 – 4,600 BPM
  • Ergonomic design
  • Features: 360 degrees side handle, depth rod, and retractable utility hook

Features & Specifications

DEWALT DCH273B is a great tool. There are several features of this rotary hammer drill that make it stand out from other hammer drills on the market.

Here’s a list of the unique features we liked and the things that we didn’t like so much about this hammer drill:

What We Liked

Brushless Motor

In general, the design of a brushless motor is much more superior than that of a conventional brushed motor.  It extends the durability and the running speed of the device to finish the task at hand quickly. In this model, the brushless motor, along with a durable German-engineered mechanism, gives you extended runtime and efficient performance.

In a brushless motor, you’ll find electronic controllers (responsible for charge distribution) instead of brushes and a commutator. DEWALT is renowned for the technology and quality behind its range of power tools. As a result, the DEWALT DCH273B hammer drill’s brushless motor enables the machine to deliver higher efficiency, produce less heat, and have a longer life.

Active Vibration Control

Heavy-duty devices usually generate significant vibration that proves to be tiresome and inconvenient for operators. With the DCH273B, that drawback is eliminated.

This model features ‘SHOCKS Active Vibration Control Technology’; an essential element of the heavy-duty nature of this tool. As a “perform and protect” function, this technology (the built-in ‘SHOCKS’ active mechanisms) helps in significantly enhancing performance by reducing vibration at the handles, thereby increasing user comfort.

2.1 Joules Impact Energy

The DEWALT DCH273B machine produces about 2.1 Joules of force, giving it sufficient power to withstand most vigorous tasks. With this specific tool, DEWALT boasts of its ability to “deliver impact energy for fast drilling in concrete.”

In fact, the 2.1 Joules of force gives it high potential and make it sturdy enough to run the machine like a corded one. With such power, besides drilling, the machine is also able to do chiseling work.

Speed & Accuracy

A ‘decent’ hammer drill has enough power to drill through tough applications (like brick and concrete). Yet, a ‘great’ hammer drill, also has the desired speed settings and features for sturdiness. Such features make it an enhanced tool that delivers accurate results. Having mentioned that, the DCH273B is definitely a 'great' hammer drill!

The DEWALT DCH273B is equipped with a rotating dial to set the tool to a specific application mode (drill, hammer drill, or chip). This tool delivers a no-load speed of 0 - 1,100 rpm, optimal concrete drilling from 3/16 to 1/2 inch, a  chuck type-SDS Plus, and blows per minute of 0 - 4,600 BPM. Now let's get to the nitty-gritty of what all this means.

The 0-4,600 BPM capacity of the bits offers you with incredible speed and lets you quickly finish the task at hand. Moreover, there is an easily accessible variable speed button for switching between tasks.

The ‘SDS Plus’ chuck type allows you to have a firm grip over the bit. This way, the bit doesn’t loosen up while performing heavy-duty jobs. An SDS chuck is especially suited to hammer drilling with masonry drills in stone and concrete.

The DCH273B is dust extraction ready for the D25303DH, so we additionally recommend getting the SDS Plus Dust Extractor System (D25303DH) that is compatible with this tool.

Optimized Ergonomic Design

This tool provides you with an outstanding overhead drilling experience. The ergonomics are the most attractive aspect of this tool. The rubber construction handle is D-shaped and easy to grip, thereby eliminating user fatigue to a great extent, especially during extended runtimes.

The 360 degrees side handle attached at the front of the device lets you have good control of the device as you work with it. It helps in maintaining stability as you drill holes.

When we rank our needs from a cordless hammer drill, the portability aspect takes center stage. With this particular tool, you can rest assured it’s lightweight at 6.8 lbs (tool only) and compact (measuring 13 x 4.2 x 8.6 inches),  making it portable (easy to use and carry).

When you purchase this tool the package includes the brushless rotary hammer, along with a depth rod and a retractable utility hook. Since this is a bare tool item, the 20V Lithium-Ion battery is sold separately.

The portable design of this tool, and when the retractable utility hook is attached, makes this tool ideal for rod hanging, seismic & safety attachments, cable tray & strut mounting, clamp mounting, rail mounting, and secure storage.

What We Didn’t Like

The DEWALT DCH273B also has a few drawbacks. First, it does not come with a battery and charger, which might be upsetting for some. Also, when the battery is attached, it will add to the weight, though negligibly only.

This elegantly designed tool is designed for masonry purposes. It is a heavy-duty machine that does not tend to be perfect for light-duty usage.

Also, it does not feature an LED light. An LED light on a portable tool, adds to the versatility factor. A light would allow you to work with the device in dark conditions to let you finish your task sooner.

The above setbacks are a little upsetting, yet they aren’t sufficient enough to make most of us do away with the product.

Final Verdict

The DEWALT DCH273B rotary hammer drill is exceptionally well-built to work on the most robust solid materials like concrete. With this incredible machine, featuring terrific speeds, you achieve quick and accurate results and end up completing your task to perfection.

The tool has several amazing features, ranging from its brushless motor to the SDS Plus chuck type. Yet, this being a heavy-duty machine, the built-in ‘SHOCKS’ active mechanism that minimizes vibration is one of the tool’s most significant advantages. Minimal vibration leads to stability, efficiency, and accuracy in the outcome.

Further, being a cordless and portable device, and having a perfect ergonomic design, it is easier to work with it for extended runtimes. So, whether you are a beginner or a professional, this device is for you, provided you aren’t expecting to do light-duty work with it.

In terms of price, this isn’t exactly a budget product, nor is it the most expensive in its category. Yet, given the durability and effectiveness to do tasks, this tool is well worth the investment. To top it off, you are getting a 3-year limited warranty for this high-performance tool.