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My Favorite DIY & Home Bloggers 2018 Awards

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Who doesn’t want a cosy, personalised and beautiful place that they can call their home? Improving the condition of your house and decorating it is not that hard a job, you just need to have the right information and right skills up your sleeves. A dash of aesthetics with good DIY skills and you’re good to go.

As you all already know, I’m obsessed with DIY & Woodworking projects that help to beautify my surroundings and planning my home decor is a hobby. In the lieu of this interest, I ended up discovering some amazing people who own blogs and websites that provide incredible information and marvellous DIY project ideas.

So I decided to give them a shoutout and in turn also help my readers to consume some epic content.

Note: The order in which the blogs are listed is random. Each blog has it’s own uniqueness so I’d say you better explore and level up your DIY game.

1. The Interior Frugalista

The Interior Frugalista is a blog about budget-friendly ideas to Repurpose, Refinish, and DIY found treasures and Relove them into your living space. Because Marie believes that beautifying a home isn’t about how much you spend! Her passion for DIY and all things thrifty came out of necessity while raising a family on one income.

Refusing to let living on a tight budget prevent her from creating a home that she loved and reflected her personality meant building, painting, sewing, and DIYing a nest that she can be proud of. In that making something out of nothing, she learned a lot of new skill sets; including operating power tools, which eventually led to the creation of her blog.

2. Our Crafty Mom

Michelle is the founder and creator of Our Crafty Mom, a DIY blog focusing on refinishing furniture, upcycling, interior design, crafts and an occasional recipe. She resides in Connecticut and has two grown children, who inspired her blog name.

Her children are her biggest blog supporters, along with her Dad, who is her “personal American Picker” finding most of the furniture pieces she refinishes. She has been featured on Hometalk, Craft Gawker, Dwelling Gawker and many popular DIY blogs. She is co-host of the popular Merry Monday Link Party. She sells her refinished furniture locally and loves thrift shopping and flea markets.

What started as an outlet to share her love of crafts and help keep her busy while adjusting to “empty nest syndrome” has now grown beyond what she ever anticipated! To be able to inspire readers to DIY a project or decorate on a budget is a wonderful thing!

3. Grandmas House DIY

Renovating and living in my Grandparents’ 100 year old farmhouse, one room, one piece of furniture, one DIY at a time.

Yes, you can do anything you put your mind to, male or female. Houses, furniture, none of it cares how old you are or how strong you are or whether you know the difference between a reciprocating saw or a jig saw.

These are old trades and there may be no more satisfying a thing then the creation of a home, a room, a bathroom vanity, a saved rocking chair that was destined for the dump, a saved dresser that went from a beast to a beauty.

This is the good stuff, the best of stuff, this is the stuff that gets under your finger nails and fills and nourishes your heart as well as your body. These labors transformed me just as deeply and completely as all of the transformations I have created along the way.

4. The Red Painted Cottage

The Red Painted Cottage started almost 7 years ago as a way for me to connect my artwork with readers.  But over the years, it’s evolved into so much more where I share lots of DIY projects and ideas with my many readers.

I do occasionally ask help from Mr. Cottage, but for the most part, I do most of the projects.  One of our biggest projects to date was putting in board and batten to our entryway and bedroom walls.  I also came up with a way to completely make over our file cabinet using galvanized metal with wood.

Not only are we retired, but we’re now into our 70’s and still doing projects as a way to not only save money, but to stay active.   I’ve branched out into recipes and lifestyle, but DIY and decor is currently number one with my blog.

5. My Life From Home

Amy Dowling is the blog owner and author of My Life From Home, a Home Design and Lifestyle Blog started in 2014. Through simple DIY, home decor, and lifestyle inspiration anyone can do, she hopes to inspire you to live life at home to the fullest. From small craft projects to larger renovations, she’s tackled it all.

She resides in Cincinnati, OH with her husband, Greg, three children, and dog, Irving. She’ll never pass up a good book, a cup of coffee, and a chance to rearrange some furniture!  Join her as she crafts a beautiful life from home, one DIY at a time!

In case you’re wondering, I am working hard to craft a beautiful life at home one DIY at a time. I love a good DIY, craft, home decor project, and recipe. Also, I enjoy putting a stylish outfit together whether for work, home, or play! I am glad you have found me! I have always loved puttering around my home and I’m known to regularly move and rearrange furniture. I have a lot of interests and hobbies that I look forward to sharing with you.

6. Comfort Spring Station

After many years in social services, I retired to my little home in Tampa Bay. I love watching the flowers, birds, and even the bees in my ever changing garden.

Over 10 years ago, I began reading to make more informed day to day choices that affect the environment. I began my blog, Comfort Spring, back in June 2015 to share my journey as I began making my own cleaning and personal care products and trying to eat a healthier diet.

From this beginning, my blog posts have expanded to include gardening, homemade decor, travel, and recipes. My little blog is my experiences as I continue to learn.

7. C.R.A.F.T – Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

Creating with freebies has been happening since I can remember. My mom is a craft superstar who chaperoned me to garage sales and craft stores as often as I asked. The free part is easy when you are a kid with no money!

Check out my fancy college decor and zebra corn lamp. I discovered crafts online while reading family blogs, and came across one with links to craft blogs. I was hooked. I started C.R.A.F.T. the day after I saw my first craft blog.

I was a teacher and my husband did not get home until 7, so I utilized my time to document the plethora of crafts happening in my life. I’ve been blogging and loving it since February 2010.

8. Ugly Duckling House

Sarah Fogle has been remodeling her 1980s eyesore of a home for nearly eight years — and usually, it’s without a helping hand.

After starting a blog to share her do-it-yourself tips, tutorials, and renovation realities at UglyDucklingHouse.com, Sarah became a self-professed “power tool addict”, spurring a passion for all things DIY and a following of over three million users on Pinterest. She believes that with patience, determination, and a healthy dose of humor, home improvement is something anyone can learn.

When she’s not playing around with web design or scrubbing paint out of her hair, Sarah enjoys going to the park with her pup, Charlie — and kicking back with a good craft beer.

9. Dazzle While Frazzled

As a stay-at- home mom to three little ones (ages 3-8), I’ve always created or crafted something. Anything. It was my sanity-saving creative outlet! And so, after many years of thinking about it, all that DIY-ing became DazzleWhileFrazzled.com.

Even though I’m sorta reserved in personality, when it comes to our home, it is full of color, unique DIY home decor projects and lots of quirks and character. I rip out pages from pricey catalogs and inspire to make it myself. I will take things apart and reuse them in new and fun ways.

All to save a few bucks for that next project! The purpose behind Dazzle While Frazzled is to provide readers with DIY thrifty home decor, seasonal projects and crafty creations not already all over the blogosphere. Projects can be tackled by DIY newbies to long-time crafters.

I am Canadian born and raised and have made my way to Arizona via a few very fun single years living in the Longhorn State. Though settled in the dry and dusty desert, the sand and sea is my happy place.

10. My Creative Days

I have been married to my DIY sidekick, Matt for 17 years. I am also a mother of two. Since we bought our first home, Matt and I have been creatively decorating on a tight budget.

In the beginning, we were not able to go into stores and buy things brand new for our home so that created a passion for getting the same look for a lot less. Our DIY projects and the way we were decorating always got a lot of attention from family and friends which pushed Lindsay to share their frugal decorating ideas and start her blog, My Creative Days.

The budget-friendly projects are still going strong and they have added flip houses to their resume. Every project and decorating adventure is shared on the blog mycreativedays.com and on my social channels:

11. Pillar Box Blue

I’m currently based in the UK, but I have family roots in both Asia and Scandinavia and this is definitely reflected in my home and blog.   I have always loved to create with the things around me and get a buzz out of recycling and upcycling.  Making something beautiful out of the forgotten and the unloved is the main remit of Pillarboxblue.

Pillarboxblue is not just about transforming the old into something unique fresh and exciting it’s also about thrift.  I love working with what others consider rubbish. There are lots of tutorials on the blog for recycling old denim, sweaters, tin cans, and pallet wood.  No part of a pair of jeans is safe, the seams, hems, pockets and scraps get crafted with.

The use of maps is another one of my signature elements to my crafts and DIY.   It’s such an easy way to add character to a forgotten item and to personalise and add meaning.

12. The BoonDocks Blog

I’m Mary and I recently moved to New York from beautiful Greece.  I like to re-purpose and up-cycle anything that is old or looks like junk. I believe there is beauty in the old and cast out and it is my job to find it. And because I love the earth, I try not to add to the landfill.

What started out as a simple craft blog has evolved as I have grown and learned many new skills along the way.  I am also not afraid to show you my many fails, that way I make the mistakes so you don’t have to! My Motto, “The Power of Paint”!

Join me as we use our creativity to spark some life into old things.  And do it frugally, because the best place to shop is your home!  You will also see lots of photography of my Greece and New York.

13. Gwin Gal

As a youngster I was afraid of trying new things, afraid of failure, afraid of being laughed at. So one day I grew up, (I’m not exactly sure when that happened, but it did), and I decided I wanted to experience new things!

So here I am, still afraid, but… taking dance lessons, riding in helicopters, traveling, zip lining, and blogging. I love DIY, decorating, gardening, fashion and travel. I am the spray painting queen. I rearrange my furniture often.

I love buying new curtains! And even more so, I love being OUTSIDE! And let’s talk about thrift stores….. so much fun to find a bargain. Being a Grandma is awesome, and I love all 9 of our grandkids, but that doesn’t mean I have to look like one or act like one. Just a Tarheel, living in Bama, sharing a glimpse inside my world with the outside world.

14. Crazy Wonderful

Crazy Wonderful was created in 2009 as a creative outlet for me as a new mom.  My husband and I had just moved back to my hometown in Kansas into a house in need up updating.

During the process, I started my blog and began sharing some of the updates I was working on as well as the decor I created for it.  As a young family, everything had to be done on a small budget.  I quickly learned that if I wanted to get the look I was after I needed to get creative by reworking items we already had, learning how to DIY, and thinking outside the box.

My husband and I, along with two children and dog, now live in beautiful Texas.  I’m currently working on making our new house feel like home with simple DIY projects you can recreate in your own home, and tips on where to save for splurges in other areas.  My belief is that with a little creativity and elbow grease, you can make your home look like a million bucks without spending it.

15. Two Chicks and a Mom

Two Chicks and a Mom blog has been around since 2015.  “Mom” is Donna, an RN, mom and grandma; the “Two Chicks” are Staci, a SAHM of 2 and Fitness Instructor and Ali Rose,

a High School Senior who loves to sing!

The blog consists of a variety of topics: recipes (Taco Soup for one), crafts/sewing (One Hour Blanket), DIY (Giving a New Look to an Older Piece), travel, fitness, and health topics, too.  The blog was initially begun as a creative outlet for the ladies and has grown to have a nice following on the site and social media.

Two Chicks and a Mom looks forward to continuing their blogging journey and sharing their talents and knowledge with their readers for years to come!

16. Your DIY Family

Your DIY family is all about enhancing your home by flexing your creative muscles. Nomita shares lots of little and big DIY projects that anybody can do as well as home décor ideas, styling tips and recipes – all with a minimal aesthetic.

The idea is that creating a beautiful home needn’t be some massive, expensive project but little steps and paying attention to the little details will get you there.

Nomita believes nothing makes a house a home more than adding touches that you have created yourself. And it’s this idea that she wanted to share when she launched your DIY family.

She and her little family of three are always creating something for their home and they believe that anybody can do the same. We hope that your DIY family will be the inspiration to get you started.

17. R&R At Home

R&R stands for Rebecca (that’s me!) and Ryan (my husband). Together, Ryan and I have shared six different ‘homes’. Our DIY adventures began somewhere between moving into our first apartment and purchasing our first house.

While we have made wonderful memories in each of our homes we have also learned a thing or two about creating spaces we love on a budget. My passion for all things home decor and DIY led me to start my very own blog back in 2014 as a creative outlet to share my ideas with others!

At R&R at home you can find everything from Dollar Store DIY’s to complete room makeovers but one thing remains a constant and that is creating beautiful spaces on a budget.’

18. Better After

Better After is a home décor/DIY blog by Lindsey Allen that showcases the best part of any design project or makeover: the before and afters. It’s always better after!

The by-product of a childhood spent binge-watching HGTV and a short attention span, Lindsey started Better After in 2009, and focused her content on the part we all want to fast-forward to: the big reveal!

She quickly gained a loyal following of readers who share their transformations of thrift store castoffs into beautiful and functional design and décor and keeps them coming back with her off-beat humor and real-life relatability.

19. Anika’s DIY Life

Anika’s DIY Life is a blog to inspire beginner DIYers to create a home infused with their unique personalities by empowering them with the ideas and skills they need.

I started out building furniture and designing rooms with absolutely no training, experience or previous exposure and quickly realized it was so much fun. I started my blog 2 years ago to help others realize they can do it too!

I am learning new skills and techniques as we go and I love sharing it with my readers so we can make the DIY journey together.

20. My Life on Kaydeross Creek

My husband and I have been do-it-yourselfers for over 20 years, ever since we bought our first house. It was a semi-dilapitaded 1865 farmhouse with amazing character.

We took one look at those original wide plank wooden floors and wood trim and we were hooked. We could both see the diamond in the rough but we were just married and on a tight budget so we learned to do as much as we could ourselves.

I learned to love getting my hands dirty in a project and being able to say I did that. Now I love to share unique decor and DIY ideas with my readers to help them create a home they love on a budget, too.

21. Attempts at Domestication

“Attempts At Domestication is where I keep my creativity and love for writing alive. Here I write stories of my successes (and failures) as a mom, a wife, a creative and a homemaker.

I truly am a woman of many trades, and a master of none. I love to decorate my house and makeover spaces, but I’m literally the world’s slowest painter and I’m incredibly indecisive and cheap.

I’ve developed a small fondness for cooking, but for the first five years of our marriage my husband made 95% of our meals.

I love for my house to be clean and organized, but my laundry sits unfolded for days. That’s where the word attempts in my brand come from. It’s not going to be perfect and it may take forever, but I’m sure going to try.”

22. Brown Dog Vintage

I’m Melissa and Brown Dog Vintage is a blog I started in 2017 to try and help people DIY and decorate while on a major budget. Since I work part time in a field completely unrelated to DIY/Decor – this blog is my creative outlet.

I’ve got 2 children and a husband (and of course a big brown vintage dog) and everyone is used to a few projects going on at once!

What I like most is to show others how you can improve your home without going in debt. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

When I painted my first furniture project, I didn’t know Pinterest existed or follow any blogs and honestly, it was pretty terrible. It’s so much easier now to learn. There are so many tutorials on different blogs to help you through those projects.

One of my favorite examples is the DIY industrial pendant lighting I made for our bedroom makeover. $40 and I have two super cool lights that I made with my own two hands! And guess what? I got inspiration and direction from other blogs!

You’ll find a mix of simple DIY projects, $100 room makeovers, and decor guides on a budget at Brown Dog Vintage. I think the most important thing is to just jump in and try something!

Final Words

So these are some of the go-to interior decor websites, which I promise will never disappoint you. These are my favorite blogs which I follow on a regular basis in 2018. Your beautifully decorated heaven is just a few clicks away. Good luck!