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Husqvarna 440 vs 440e – Our Detailed Comparison

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Are you confused about whether the Husqvarna 440 or the 440e is the better chainsaw for your needs? I got you covered.

Many of you asked me about which chainsaw to get between the two, so I decided to make a detailed comparison of the two after putting the saws head to head on various tasks over a month.

These have been compared based on durability, sawing ability, ease of use, adjustability, and other important factors.

So let’s dig right into it so you can make an informed buying decision.

Husqvarna 440 vs 440e: Features and Specification

Don’t have a lot of time to dig into the details? Well, this comparison table below tells you everything you need to know about both the Husqvarna 440 and 400e in brief so you can make a quick-fire decision on the saw you need.

FeaturesHusqvarna 440Husqvarna 440e
Power SourceGas PoweredGas Powered
Max Speed9000 RPM9000 RPM
Fuel Consumption0.9 kg/h0.9 kg/h
Bar Lengths13” to 18”13” to 18”
Smart StartYesYes
Air FiltrationYesYes
Chain BrakeYesYes
Sound Levels (Measured)112 dB(A)112 dB(A)
Weight9.80 lbs9.80 lbs
Dimensions37 x 9 x 1118.4 x 12.3 x 11
Warranty90 Days90 Days
Suited ForHobbyists,Hobbyists,
Oil Tank Volume0.25 l0.25 l
Visible Fuel IndicatorYesYes
Chain Tension AdjustmentWrench RequiredTool-less Adjustment

If the comparison table wasn’t enough and you need more details before deciding, this section is for you.

Husqvarna 440 vs 440e: A Detailed Comparison

Ease of Use

There’s little to differentiate between the two chainsaws when it comes to handling and gripping.

Truthfully, I found working with them equally comfortable, and even with sweaty hands, I had a strong grip on both the chainsaws. This mainly comes down to the placement of the handlebars and the rubberized grips on both.

However, there’s one slight difference that gives the 440e model an edge. That’s because it comes with a tool-less tension adjusting system.

Yes, while you will need a T-Wrench to adjust the chain’s tension on the 440, here, you can do it with your bare hands.

This makes the job a tad easier since you do not have to worry about keeping the T-Wrench safely since buying it adds to the overhead expenses.

Using a chainsaw is not everybody’s cup of tea which means you can use any help the manufacturer can provide in terms of ease of use.

Furthermore, both saws come with a smart start so getting them up and running takes less than 10 seconds (resistance in the starter is much lesser than some other saws).


Another small difference between the two is the price. The 440e is a tad expensive compared to the cost of the 440, but being the newer model that has the added advantage of tool-less tension adjustment, it is well worth the few extra bucks.

But if you are on a tighter budget and want something around $450, then 440 is the model for you but keep in mind, you run the risk of the model going obsolete, which means finding parts or even getting repairs done may either cost you more or may not be possible at all.


Both the saws are equally portable since both weigh pretty much the same at 9.8lbs. This is pretty light, so moving around while holding the saw or even working with it should be hassle-free for a more extended period.

Though when it comes to storing the saws once you are done working, the 440e has a slight edge as it is more compact. While the dimensions of the 440 are 37 x 9 x 11 inches, the dimensions of the 440e are 18.4 x 12.3 x 11 inches. This is mainly because of the tweak in design, as most brands tend to do newer models.

So if you have a smaller storage area or generally prefer more compact things, the 440e is the chainsaw for you.


If you are a professional woodworker or need something heavy-duty to cut off gigantic trees in the neighborhood, neither saw is for you. Both the saws are more suited to hobbyists that love doing some DIY around the house.

Both saws produce a power of 2.41HP. They also have the same max speeds and idling speeds at 9000 rpm and 2900 rpm, respectively.

Furthermore, both saws are compatible with bars ranging from 13-inches to 16-inches. Plus, they have a special automatic chain oiler. This not only makes chainsaw maintenance easier but keeps the chain running as if it were new for years to come.

These features mean that as long as you keep its use to smaller household projects, either of the saws will serve you well beyond its 90-day warranty.


Don’t you hate it when you have to clean the air filters every few minutes? Or how tedious replacing filters can be on some saws? Well, I do too, but with these Husqvarna models, that’s a worry of the past.

Both the saws are equipped with a special centrifugal air cleaner that does not just boost the engine life (so the saws will easily last you for 5-years or more) and ensures you don’t constantly need to remove and clean the air filters.

When you need to clean or replace the filter, it takes much less time than some other models, thanks to the quick-release air filter, which gives you access to the filter in seconds.

Fuel Tank

As you already know, both the saws are gas-powered, and with that comes the hassle of having to refuel the chainsaw, but how often do you need to do it?

Both the saws have an oil tank with a capacity of 0.25 liters. Furthermore, the saws’ oil consumption is 0.9kg/h, which means as long as you use it for small to medium tasks, you won’t need to refuel it every few hours (yup, they both are pretty fuel-efficient).

The reason the saws are so fuel-efficient is their X-Torq engine designed to reduce fuel consumption by 20%. But that’s not all it does.

It also makes your chainsaw CARB Compliant as it lowers emissions by an impressive 60% (so you can both saw and protect nature).

Eliminating the guesswork from fueling the chainsaws is the visible fuel gauge that tells you precisely when it runs low on fuel.

Plus, refueling either chainsaw is easy thanks to the flip-up tank cap, which is also designed to give you instant access to the fuel tank.

Noise and Vibration

Yes, chainsaws are loud, but nothing should be so loud; your ears start to bleed or vibrate so much that you can barely get a hold of it, right? Well, Husqvarna knows it, which is why they have ensured both the 440 and 440e produce minimal noise.

To be precise, both the saws have a measured decibel level of 112 dB(A) around the acceptable range.

As for the vibrations, the front handles have a vibration of 3.8 m/s² while the rear handles have a vibration level of 4.2 m/s² which again is good and should cause no hindrance. This is mainly because Husqvarna saws are armed with the LowVib Technology.


Kickback is one of the biggest dangers when working with chainsaws unless you are using a Husqvarna. Why? Because both the saws have been designed while keeping user safety in mind.

This is why they have an inertia-activated chain brake. The comfortable handlebars also help with this as they allow you to wrap your fingers around them tightly.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s all from my side. I tested these products for about 3 weeks because they were both pretty similar, but if you want a black and white answer, my pick would be the 440e all day long.

There’s not much of a price difference, and while its performance and portability are at par with the 440, it is easier to store and use. That is because it is more compact and has a tool-less chain tension adjustment system. Oh, and it is the newer model as well, so getting it repaired will cost you less.

If you have questions related to these or other chainsaws, leave them in the comments below. Feel free to reach out to me via the contact form as well if needed.

And if you have used either the Husqvarna 440 or the 440e, let me know which model you prefer and why.

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