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10 DIY Adjustable Monitor Stand: Simple and Functional Riser

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Are you using old books or boards to keep your monitor at a height for comfortable viewing? I am guessing you do not want to spend on an expensive monitor riser just yet, right?

Well, what if I told you, it wasn’t the only way to lift your monitor and that you can get something eye-catching, solid, and functional on the cheap.


Well, then put on your DIY gear, lock and load your carpentry tools, and get ready to get your hands dirty.

Here are 10 DIY Monitor Stand Ideas you’ll absolutely love (it is a promise). These aren’t just cheap but also pretty easy so even if you have never drilled a nail before in your life, you should still have no trouble.

10 DIY Adjustable Monitor Stand Ideas

10 DIY Adjustable Monitor Stand Ideas

1. The Triple Monitor Stand

The Triple Monitor Stand

If you are into stock trading, gaming, Crypto trading, and use multiple monitors to keep track of the ups and downs, then this is just the DIY monitor stand you need as it can hold 3 monitors with ease.

And the best part about this idea is that the screens can also be tilted forward and backward so you can comfortably view the monitors from any and every position (sitting or lying down, now get a clear view every time).

Furthermore, it frees up bucket loads of space on the table for other important stuff such as a printer, speakers, etc.

To build this, all you need is some wood, coach bolts, wing nuts washers, and elastic straps. Once done, make sure you have detached your monitor from the stand so it fits in perfectly. 

To make this fancier, go ahead and stain the wood. Get the full step-wise guide here to know more.

2. Monitor Stand Using Pallets

Monitor Stand Using Pallets

Do you have wood or Pallets lying around the house after you revamped the furniture in the house? It is time to put the waste to some good use.

This idea is especially helpful for those that desperately need more room on their work desk and is one of the easiest and cheapest ideas on the list.

All you have to do is place the pallets in the right positions and glue/clamp them together. Sand it to make the ends smooth. A jigsaw is ideal for the job but if you don’t have one, check out these jigsaw reviews to find the right one for the job.

Once you know the right height of the stand, cut two pallets to that height and attach them either with glue or nail (whatever you think will best hold them together). In case you want to give it an eye-catching finish, feel free to stain the pallets later.

3. The No-Wires Monitor Stand

The No-Wires Monitor Stand

Do you like me also have wires from the monitors, speakers, printer, etc hanging around your desk? And the worst thing is when they get tangled with each other or other stuff lying on the desk (aghhh, the horror). 

This monitor stand not only hides away those wires but also has room to put away any additional drives or other accessories you don’t always need. 

And it takes just 2 hollow floating shelves and a good cordless drill to create this. You need a drill as the holes in the front need to be precise. At the back, you can be slightly scrappy as it will fit into the wall.

But don’t forget about the holes at the back since it allows for air circulation and prevents the monitors from overheating. 

4. The 3D Monitor Stand

The 3D Monitor Stand

If you have a 3D printer or know someone who does, this is a simple yet attractive monitor stand idea. With a Jesmonite, welder, angle iron, a saw, silicone mold, and flat bar stock, you can create your design (yup, time to let those creative juices flow).

Add the design to the 3D printer and voila, you’ll have a stencil ready in seconds. Now, all you need to do is cut the wood based on it.

If you are worried about scratches to the lumbar, some fabric pads should work like a charm and ensure your stand lasts you long. 

In case you want to follow the original guide step by step and use the same design, check it out here.

5. The Two Monitor Stand

The Two Monitor Stand

In case you only use two monitors rather than 3, all you need are some end caps, screws, elbow joints, PVC pipes, micro screws, a wood batten, and metal clamps to build yourself a two-monitor stand.

It is another cheap DIY stand that should not cost you more than $20-25. All the materials are easily available online on sites such as Amazon or eBay. Not just that, if you are an experienced woodworker, it should take you no more than 40-45 minutes to set up.

If not, it should still be up and running in less than 2 hours. And if you want to make the simple stand more attractive, you can always paint or stain it. Check out the full steps and item list on Instructables

6. The Organizer

The Organizer

This DIY monitor stand does exactly what the name suggests, helps you get organized. (messy, cluttered desks, not anymore).

It is also pretty simple and goes well with all kinds of home decor. Plus, if you have wood lying around, it is free. Even if you need to buy everything, it is still an inexpensive stand.

All you need for this is an extension cable, wooden board, jigsaw, chisel, and USB hub. Just cut the wood as per the size of the monitor base and leave ample room below it so the USB hub can slide in and out.

This clears wires as all the wires can now be placed under the stand. And once you are done with the construction, don’t forget to stain it or paint it to make it attractive.

7. The Cardboard Monitor Stand

The Cardboard Monitor Stand

Oh, yes, believe it or not, your new monitor stand can be as simple as making it out of cardboard. This is pretty much a free idea that requires no special woodworking tool like a saw or chisel making it the easiest idea on the list (even a 5th grader could do this one).

A few basic tools like scissors, a pencil, a ruler, and a thick lid like that of a shoebox is all you need. Just cut the cardboard into small and large strips. By the end, it should form X shapes. If you think it isn’t strong enough, just add some more cardboard on the sides.

It isn’t as pretty as the stained or painted wood ideas above but takes less than 20-25 minutes to create. Don’t believe me? Here’s the complete tutorial.

8. The Adjustable Monitor Stand

The Adjustable Monitor Stand

In case you are looking for a monitor stand that gives you the freedom to choose any height, this one’s got you covered.

This looks very similar to the adjustable bed tables you can find on Amazon, etc. To make the stand durable while keeping the price low, pine a good wood. If you want to make it more attractive and have the budget for it, you can even go with premium woods like oak, etc.

You can even polish or stain pinewood which also makes it eye-catching. Another benefit of this stand is that they are easy to put away when not in use as they fold.

But since this is a more intricate build, I’d suggest you only try these steps if you have some experience in woodworking.

9. The Vertical Monitor Stand

The Vertical Monitor Stand

Do you work a lot of PDF files or other document types that you could read better and faster only if your monitor could be set up vertically? Then this DIY stand idea is tailor-made for you.

The stand is mostly made using plywood with some aluminum tubes to provide it the stability and strength needed to hold a heavy monitor. Once done, just switch to the portrait mode in the display settings and voila, your monitor can now be used vertically.

Don’t forget to sand and paint the wood to give a smooth, neat finish before the final assembly.

10. The Acrylic Programmable Monitor Stand 

The Acrylic Programmable Monitor Stand

Your new monitor stand doesn’t always have to be stained or painted wood, If you are a techie or into programming, here’s a monitor stand I am sure you will go gaga over.

One of the best things about this stand is that it comes with features to lower strain on both your neck and your back. But that’s not all.

Furthermore, the stand also allows you to track the time you have spent on your computer and automatically detects when someone sits in front of the stand to work thanks to the ultrasonic sensor.

Oh, and there’s also room underneath to put away your keyboard safely when not in use.

Though keep in mind, since this is made out of acrylic, you will need a laser cutter to get the intricate cuts right. In case you do not have it, you can always pay a professional to make the cuts or even make it out of wood.

Also, this DIY stand idea is limited to programmers but again, you can hire a professional to do the coding for you.


Well, those were my favorite DIY monitor stand ideas. These have been chosen based on budget and ease of construction so whether you are low on funds or have never picked up a hammer before, you can still make a monitor stand for yourself that is attractive and durable.

In case you have created something better and would like to feature it on our site, get in touch with me via the contact page.

If you are having trouble with any of the DIY monitor stand ideas here and need expert help, drop your questions below in the comments section and I’ll get back to you within a day.

Till Then, happy DIYing.

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