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17 DIY Liquor Cabinet Plans | Easy to Build & DIY Guide

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Having a liquor cabinet is not an absolute necessity in every home, at least not for people that do not take liquor. However, if you’re a liquor person and like to keep more than a couple at home, getting a dedicated space becomes vital. You don’t want to have alcohol take up valuable kitchen space, do you? This is why liquor cabinet designs are growing in popularity lately.

Unlike years ago when people had to stash their liquor in hidden cellars. Now, displaying their alcohol on a befitting platform is not only attractive but effective. Depending on your taste, budget, and space, you can have any liquor cabinet design you want in your home.

Buying a liquor cabinet may be a stress-free option, but it is expensive and makes custom designs difficult. Doing it yourself, on the other hand, is more affordable and allows you to express your creativity to the fullest by making just the perfect design for your space.

One of the drawbacks to DIY, in general, is the lack of ideas and the fear of not getting it right. This is what this article seeks to reconcile by providing several liquor cabinet ideas that you can choose from and do yourself, including plans with easy steps to follow.

Top DIY Liquor Cabinet Designs With Plans

The designs listed here are not only easy to execute but also appealing, allowing you to create a space that can accommodate all your liquor while enhancing the aesthetics of your surroundings.

1. Liquor Rack

Liquor Rack

Top of this list is a large liquor and wine rack for people who keep a lot of alcohol. It contains several chambers to keep the bottles lying on their sides or standing. There are also glass hangers at the top for a classy display.

This rack is large and will take up considerable space in your kitchen, so it may be best to have a dedicated area for it. Somewhere its elegant display can easily be appreciated. Replicating this will take up a lot of materials, of which wood is the primary material needed. As earlier mentioned, you’ll need a large space to keep this rack, and it’s best for people with lots of liquor to store.

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2. X-Factor With Drawer

X-Factor With Drawer

Small, portable, and moveable, this liquor cabinet presents simple yet effective storage for people looking to house some of their alcohol. Don’t get fooled by its simplicity, as it brings a huge X-factor into its design in the shape of an X-shaped chamber.

It does have a section to keep glasses but unlike most cabinets with overhead hangers, this design allows the cups to be kept upright. There’s also a drawer to keep other things like wine openers. Its small size means you can keep it almost anywhere without filling up the whole area. However, this also means it can only accommodate a few bottles. Making this design is easy when you follow the guide.

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3. Upcycled Old TV

Upcycled Old TV

If you have an old TV set, rather than throw it away or leave it in your shed, why not try out this design. It upcycles an old TV into an exciting liquor cabinet. The size of the TV determines the number of bottles it can hold. You can implement this idea by removing the TV and using the case like the cabinet.

Your liquor and glass go into the case from the TV screen opening that is now open after you’ve taken everything out. This way, you can try out something unique while making use of old gadgets in your home. With this design, you barely need to spend to get it up to speed.

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4. Classy Multi-Purpose Cabinet

Classy Multi-Purpose Cabinet

Clean, classy, and elegant, this larger multi-purpose cabinet allows you to properly utilize your space and structure. It can serve as a cabinet for liquor and glasses while also housing drawers and cupboards for things like kitchen utensils.

The idea provides a liquor cabinet in-between two cupboards and under a drawer. There’s also a glass hanger above it all. While the other parts of the structure are painted cleanly with a single color, the liquor cabinet is left natural. Using pressure-treated wood is ideal here to ensure longevity and sharp wood color. This is an ultimately large structure in general that will take up a lot of space. However, its ability to provide more than just a cabinet for alcohol makes it an interesting design to have.

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5. Wine Barrel Liquor Cabinet

Wine Barrel Liquor Cabinet

One of the greatest pulls toward DIY ideas is the ingenuity and creativity it can spark. When it comes to utilizing abstract items, this wine barrel used in storing and transporting wine can be transformed into a spectacular spot for your liquor.

All you need are some screws, your hacksaw, door hinges, a hammer, and a marker. It is small and portable and can be kept on the ground or elevated on a table. The shape will easily draw attention, and making this shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, even for beginners.

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6. Over The Fridge Cabinet

Over the Fridge Cabinet

Sometimes space is the problem, and you may struggle to fit in that huge cabinet of yours. When this is the case, smaller, space-conscious designs win. This cabinet design fits just above the fridge utilizing an often-overlooked space in your home. It is also perfect if you want to keep the alcohol away from children while still having it easily accessible.

It is easy to construct as it does not require difficult designs and angles. The major downside to the idea is that it can get pretty high, especially for people that are not the tallest. Its height is often determined by the height of your fridge. The design also prevents a display of your collection as it comes with a cover.

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7. Sheet Metal House

Sheet Metal House

This is an exciting cabin for your alcohol made from wood with a rustic look. It sports a tabular surface on top that you can use to mix your drink and even drop your glass. The inside contains different bottle cellars, a drawer, and a section with glass hangers.

The most prominent part of this design is the sheet metal with a special design used as doors for the cabinet. You can keep the cabinet in a corner in your space and easily access it whenever you want to have a glass of your favorite liquor. You can also decide to paint it rather than leave its old rustic look on it.

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8. Speaker Cabinet

Speaker Cabinet

Another upcycled DIY idea for your liquor but this time, it involves an old speaker or a new one. As long as you’re willing to tear it apart, old speakers, however, have this net-like cover that is essential for this design.

To replicate this, you have to cut out the front and empty the contents leaving only the speaker casing and cover. You can then add shelves and glass hangers. To complete the look, paint inside with a catchy and attractive color and add lighting. Now you can enjoy this small but attractive space for your liquor.

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9. Wall-Mounted Cabinet

Wall-Mounted Cabinet

Space is often a major objection to having liquor cabinets but with some tweaks, you can properly utilize your limited space. Designs like this wall hanging cabinet lets you use up the easily available wall space. It also props the cabinet and makes it easily noticeable.

The wood is left with its natural look while the cabinet has three layers with the lowest and largest reserved for the liquor bottles while the topmost and second-largest are reserved for wine glasses. Rock glasses take up the middle layer, which is also the smallest part. There’s a cover for the bottle layer with piano hinges that allows the cover to serve as a platform to mix your drink.

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10. Repurposed Piano Cabinet

Repurposed Piano Cabinet

This is one of the most abstract cabinet designs you’ll find on this list. It involves overhauling a piano into a breath taking liquor arena. The major work here is carefully dismantling the piano and removing the unwanted parts. This requires a lot of patience as you go through it bit by bit. Thankfully, there’s a concise plan to guide you.

In the end, you’ll have a spectacular alcohol space with several layers. The top layer houses a glass hanger to hold glasses, while the next layer houses the bottles standing upright. This area is for larger bottles with unorthodox shapes. The next rows are for keeping more rounded bottles.

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11. Simple Pallet Cabinet

Simple Pallet Cabinet

If you’re looking for something simple but effective to house your liquor, this easy-to-replicate pallet design should be at the top of your mind. Pallets are easily accessible, which makes this design even more attractive for people looking to spend less.

Only two layers are enough, one for the liquor bottles and the other for the glass. You can paint the cabinet whatever color you want. It is quite affordable and can be done in a short time.

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12. DIY Tall Liquor Cabinet

IY Tall Liquor Cabinet

This liquor cabinet plan is explicitly classified as an advanced design due to its height and choice of material. It involves several sections in layers above each other where you can store wine glasses and bottles of your favorite drinks.

The top layer features separate chambers for each bottle and is helpful to prevent breaks. From that layer downwards, you’ll find a free space with a hanger for glasses. And then a cupboard with a glass or plexiglass door. This addition allows you to display the bottles in that chamber classily.

Linked to this is a comprehensive guide with a tool and supply list. There’s also a detailed process to complete the cabinet. It gets even better as the plan can be printed and downloaded.

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13. Coffee and Liquor Cabinet

Coffee and Liquor Cabinet

Ideally, it is constructed as a coffee cabinet; however, the box can also house liquor. The downloadable free plan contains all the information about this design, especially the variation in the door. You’ll find this cabinet most suitable in farmhouses. It can sit in your kitchen or bar area, depending on your preference.

A combination of glue and pocket hole joinery produces a neat and secure connection between all the cut pieces. The doors feature a wire mesh that keeps pets away but displays your collection.

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14. Custom Wine and Liquor Cabinet With Multiple Chambers

Custom Wine and Liquor Cabinet With Multiple Chambers

Being able to display your collection is one of the primary purposes of the cabinets, alongside securing the bottles. This custom design enables you to follow the exact guide or make specific adjustments for a custom design.

The top layer displays 8 bottles of wine with several wine glasses, while the cupboard features multiple chambers for more bottles and glasses.

You can view all the supplies in the lower section through its clear glass doors. To understand the project better, consider the three sections: the base, the mid-storage area, and the wine and glass part. It also features a curved top that adds to the design elements and, surprisingly, is not so challenging to build.

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15. Closed Vintage Liquor Cabinet

Closed Vintage Liquor Cabinet

While many may like to display their collection, some liquor lovers prefer a closed design. So this design will come in handy for you if you’re in this group of people. Covered cabinets like this are helpful if you have curious toddlers. The box hung on the wall, making it more challenging for kids to reach.

It features a vintage design with signage you can customize to your preference. Since this wall-mounted cabinet is compact, you can complete it using leftover materials from previous projects within a day.

For the vintage look and signage, you’ll need lumber, wood glue, wood screw, hungers, and paint. The plan contains the cut list and supplies with their cost at the building time. Remember, the price attached may no longer be accurate.

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16. Exquisite Liquor Stand

Exquisite Liquor Stand

If you like a stylish and sophisticated design, this exquisite liquor stand is perfect for your needs. It features a cabinet with long legs raising it from the ground. The outside may seem like a regular wine box, but you’ll get a different feeling after opening its double door.

The black interior contrasts the door and shelf inside the cabinet and the brightly colored wall behind it. Surprisingly, there’s an even more fascinating feature in this design.

Check out this plan for the steps, including a video guide as the builder completes the project.

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17. Repurposed Firewood Rack

Repurposed Firewood Rack

Unique, beautiful, and classy are some ways to describe this wine storage made from a firewood rack. The key to getting this storage right is to choose a stable firewood holder, as they’ll work as the shelves. Also, find a secure rack. Preferably, a square firewood rack as it has more balance.

During construction, you may need to apply trial and error while measuring where the shelves should go. The exact height will vary based on the size of the rack. But ultimately, the complete process is the same. Thankfully, there’s also a video guide to go with the written description to achieve clarity.

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Instead of buying an expensive liquor cabinet, you can make one yourself. This way, you can tailor it specifically to your needs. From color to the design, everything is customizable when doing it yourself.