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10 Free Playhouse Plans and Ideas for Your Kids

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Kids love their playhouses as they offer a dedicated space for fun games like hide and seek and other exceptional children’s games. Building a play space is a rewarding exercise to keep your kids active and busy.

Playhouses come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, from sheds to cottages. The various ways to build a playhouse make for an exciting problem for a DIY enthusiast. You can make a unique structure by varying any of the many parts in the playhouse.

It gets even better as you can have your kids join the building process, where they can pick up valuable DIY skills and participate in a family bonding exercise.

While this already looks like an exciting project, you may face some issues. And at the forefront is getting suitable plans and ideas. Getting ideas and detailed plans can be challenging, especially if you want free plans.

We understand this problem and have compiled creative free playhouse ideas and plans. This way, you can choose from a variety of options, or you can modify existing ideas to suit your needs. The possibilities are endless with building a playhouse for your kids.

Free Playhouse Plans and Ideas

See this section if you’re looking for playhouse ideas to build, whether you’re a beginner with basic carpentry skills or a professional. You’ll see different playhouse ideas with a link to their detailed plans.

1. Easy Modern Playhouse

Easy Modern Playhouse

Modern designs are often associated with complexity and ambiguity, but this easy modern playhouse plan differs. It combines the classic modern design with an easy-to-make pattern that any DIYer can replicate. The doorframe and all the windows, which include transom windows, are left open.

The playhouse is located at the center of the backyard to draw attention and showcase its classic design. Flowers and greens by the door frame and window further enhance its beauty.

It takes a short period to complete a moderate-sized playhouse like this as it uses tongue, groove planks, and strong Tie-connectors to ensure stability. But like any box-frame structure, getting the frame right is essential. The frame is made using 2x4s.

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2. A-Frame Playhouse

A-Frame Playhouse

A-frame buildings are always a delight; they are easy to build, compact, and attractive. It fits the perfect playhouse for your kids as its fun-shaped structure is playful and durable. This design is built on a large deck that provides extra play space for the kids.

It is a mid-century architectural design, but make no mistake, it is still highly sought-after today. The inside is explicit and features a few shelves and a table on one wall. The transom window in front and a similar round window at the back provide ventilation into the space.

The plan features a detailed supply list that includes their possible prices. You’ll also find clear steps with images of the process.

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3. Summer Hideaway

Summer Hideaway

This playhouse has it all: a reading nook or a hideout. If you have kids who like to read, this would be an ideal location for an outdoor summer space. But it is not limited to a reading space as it can also serve as a board game arena.

You’ll find all the required wooden pieces, braces, and screws for attachment, and drop cloth. The drop cloth acts as the roof and side covering during summer. Another addition that stands out from this 5×8-foot playhouse is the lattice installed at the back.

The two-part series is detailed with images and easy-to-understand instructions. Since most sides are left open, this plan does not require extensive resources. It is a simple yet effective outdoor space for your kids.

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4. Affordable Log Cabin Playhouse

Affordable Log Cabin Playhouse

Buying a playhouse is through the roof; even buying some DIY plans will cost a lot of resources. However, you can build an attractive playhouse for your kids without spending out of your budget.

Here is an affordable log cabin design that uses treated timber to build a complete cabin with a front porch, a log cabin-style door, and painted shutters.

The plan is free, keeping the overall cost of the setup at a minimum. It encompasses a part list, tools, and a step-by-step guide.

One exciting part of this guide is the 3 years update done by the builder highlighting the state of the project after 3 years. Only a few adjustments were required as it held firmly.

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5. Recycled Pallets Playhouse

Recycled Pallets Playhouse

Using Recyclable materials as much as possible is always advisable to save the environment. So, a recycled pallet playhouse is effective and sustainable. Pallets are easy to source for and, most times, can be gotten for free. Since pallets are affordable, this idea is another inexpensive playhouse design to build.

The playhouse features a large front porch for outdoor games while remaining under shade. You can locate this project anywhere in your backyard with enough room.

You’ll need to break apart the pallet and start with the floor, which involves a small deck. You can add the frames from the base before installing the sidings. There are so many other additions you’ll find inside this guide.

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6. Elevated Handmade Hideaway

Elevated Handmade Hideaway

If you have sloppy land but still want a playhouse for your kid, this elevated structure will keep them away from the water and provide a fun place to play. Kids access this area using a ladder at the front with wooden rails around the porch.

It earned its hideaway tag because of the location. The house is almost hidden in the tree at the end of the backyard, with drop cloths covering the front.

An extensive guide may be a tad confusing for beginners but straightforward if you understand basic carpentry joinery and cutting processes.

This plan contains a material list with possible prices. Remember, these prices are based on the time of original posting. The project is large, so it would require several helping hands to fast-track its completion.

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7. Balinese Playhouse

Balinese Playhouse

Traditional Balinese stilt houses inspire this kid’s playhouse idea. But this time, the house is scaled down to the size of the occupants: the kids. It’s like a mini-house that fits your kid’s size.

The base is 5×5 feet, small enough to fit into spaces in your backyard but still featuring enough space for your kids to be comfortable.

Some exciting concepts utilized in the building of this playhouse include long narrow shutters, steps leading up to the house built on cement blocks, and stilts.

Four cement blocks keep the playhouse off the ground, ensuring it is not disturbed by running water. After which, the floor and frame are added. Check this guide for how to add the intricate window railings that improve its aesthetics.

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8. Adorable Princess Playhouse

Adorable Princess Playhouse

Kids who love to play princess would cherish this adorable playhouse built with attention to detail. It features all the bases of an adult building, including glass windows, a door with a wood awning, and a roof.

The interior has a faux fireplace, vintage light fixtures, ceiling vents, and a built-in bookshelf. You can modify the interior to suit your kid’s needs. The guide features the cost of some of the additional to the project.

The playhouse is 8x8x8 feet and large enough for two kids under 10. Instead of the usual DIY for simple building processes, this guide focuses on the steps to add exciting features to the playhouse to make it more conducive and fun.

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9. Playhouse With A Swing

Playhouse With A Swing

Here is one of the most exciting playhouses on our fantastic kids’ play zones list. It involves a playhouse, an overhead balcony, and a swing set. With this design, your kids will always have fun games to play. However, the overhead balcony calls for precautions to prevent accidents.

You might be wondering what this 6x6x10 feet playhouse will cost; the estimated cost is provided in the guide at the time of original posting. The plan is highly detailed, with a long list of all the lumber supplies and materials required.

With the cut list provided in the plan, you can start the building from the frame and decks of the playhouse and the balcony. The 18-step process is long but comprehensive, with an extra step for the swing set.

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10. Rustic Cabin Playhouse With Slide

Rustic Cabin Playhouse With Slide

Firstly, this rustic cabin playhouse is sophisticated with a challenging build. It is complicated even further by the lack of images in the guide. However, the number of features this playhouse carries and the amount of fun it’ll bring your kids is worth all the stress.

If you are highly skilled in making DIY projects like these and have the resources, don’t hesitate to implement the playhouse. The plan divides each section and talks about it in detail. Such divisions simplify the already challenging process.

Kids will enjoy the swing, ladder, and climbing wall attached to this elevated playhouse. The high means durable materials must be used to prevent accidents and ensure safety.

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Do you have any further challenges about building a playhouse for your kids? This DIY section covers the prevalent problems many face and gives distinct answers.

Q1. How much do I need to build a kid’s playhouse?

Ans: Building a DIY playhouse for kids varies between $300-3000 depending on the size, design, material, and features.

Q2. What are some additional features I can add to a playhouse?

Ans: You can add a swing, a climbing wall, a balcony, a porch, and interior installations like lighting, furniture, and more.

Q3. Can a DIY beginner build a kid’s playhouse?

Ans: You need basic carpentry skills to build a playhouse for your kids. A beginner with these skills can build a basic playhouse. It is vital to avoid building structures above your skill level to prevent them from falling on your kids’ heads.


Kids love large structures where they can have fun and play games undisturbed, and the playhouse is the right idea. You can implement many designs with free ideas and plans, providing you with detailed guides to start and complete any project.

Ensure you have the right skills and resources to undertake any playhouse for the structure’s safety. With free ideas and plans listed in this guide providing options, building the dream playhouse is a step closer.