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14 Free Playhouse Plans And Ideas for Your Kids

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Are your kids glued to their favorite gadgets all day long? Do they refuse to bask in the sunshine that gloriously shines outdoors? Well, this is a situation most parents have to deal with today.

A playhouse is a fun way of encouraging your kids to spend time outdoors with nature. Creative design plans can help spark their imagination and boost their development skills. You could also engage them in sports activities or introduce a new hobby.  

You could upscale the humble garden shed into a playhouse or spend some time and money on an elaborate DIY playhouse that your kids and their friends can enjoy. Regardless of your woodworking skill level or budget, there are several free playhouse plans available that you can use for your project.

Playhouse Plans and Ideas for Your Kids

Your kids are going to love these plans and ideas for a decent playhouse.They will stick around with it and have a fun time. Scroll down to read and don’t forget to click on the full plan links to get a complete idea of how to make it yourself. 

#1. A Traditional Treehouse

A Traditional Treehouse
Image Credit: http://www.theclassicarchives.com/

 A wooden playhouse nestled among trees is a dream for every child. It gives them a sense of adventure and freedom to explore their creativity. The deluxe treehouse is a freestanding design. You can build it on a patch surrounded by trees or simply in your backyard.

The design uses a triangular framework to provide stability and avoid racking. Outside, the treehouse has a ladder and pulley system. You can customize the inside with bunk beds to give the kids a ‘home away from home’ feeling. Download the detailed plan to get started.

#2. Cottage Style 

Cottage Style
Image Credit: https://blog.jennysteffens.com/

This cute cottage-style playhouse will be a charming addition to your backyard. Do not worry if you are not a woodworking expert. The skills and tools required to build it are minimal. According to thisplan, the construction can be completed within 24 hours. So a weekend is all the time you need.

The plan provides step-by-step instructions on building the base, walls, roof, rafters, sidings, and trimmings. You can paint the cottage playhouse with your kid and make a fun bonding activity out of it. Add small plants and flowers around the structure to complete the cottage aesthetic.

#3. Transformed Garden Shed

Transformed Garden Shed
Image Credit: https://www.insider.com/

Garden sheds can be transformed to make for excellent playhouses. You can customize the interiors according to your kid’s hobbies. You can use the space for storage when your kids outgrow it.

This shed plan is cheap and requires minimal skills for construction. The shed is sized at 8×10, with the basic structure requiring just 2x4s. The playhouse plan has a detailed list of materials, tools, and instructions, complete with diagrams and a video tutorial.   

 #4. Observatory Playhouse

Observatory Playhouse
Image Credit: https://www.instructables.com/

If the moon, stars, planets, comets, and galaxies are topics your child fancies, build them an observatory playhouse. The functional roof design of the sky shed makes it a perfect structure for any weather.

On breezy summer days, you and your kids could gaze at stars. On those cold days, they can have a cozy nook they can call their own. See the complete plan to understand the building materials and the technique used for the roll-off roof.

#5. Easy Pallet Playhouse

Easy Pallet Playhouse
Image Credit: https://builtbykids.com/

If you are looking for no-fuss, easy-to-build playhouse plans, then the pallet type is for you. This three-sided structure with no door and an open floor plan may look bare at first. But the beauty of this is that you can customize it in various ways as your kid grows.    

The plan focuses on the safety and stability of the structure. Wooden pallets are the primary material you will use for this project. In addition, you can cushion the floor with rugs or carpet tiles. And the roof comes secured with galvanized steel panels.

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#6. Castle Playhouse

Castle Playhouse
Image Credit: https://www.instructables.com/

If you want to go all out and construct a fancy one for your kids, it should be this castle type. This structure is complete with flourishes like a rope ladder, swings, a rock-climbing wall, a circular slide, tire swings, and even a secret escape door. How cool it will be, isn’t it!

#7. DIY Farmhouse Style Playhouse

DIY Farmhouse Style Playhouse
Image Credit: http://www.thriftyandchic.com/

You can encourage your kids to spend time outdoors with a beautiful-looking, miniature version of a farmhouse. This build will require a few weeks of dedication from you. The plan provides details on building a solid foundation, panels, roof, and the assembly process.

The other standout features are a dutch door, dormer, railings, and flower boxes. You can further personalize it according to your kids’ preferences. You can turn the structure into a fancy adult-appropriate she-shed in the future.

#8. A Café Inspired Playhouse

A Café Inspired Playhouse
Image Credit: http://ana-white.com/

Let your kid’s inner chef come to life with a café inspired playhouse. The difficulty level of the build is intermediary. However, do not let that stop you from building it, as the plan is well organized with a detailed shopping, cut list, and tools. Step-by-step instructions are available with diagrams.  

You could add accessories like a blackboard for the menu, chairs, and tables outside for guests. The café playhouse can also be used as a part of a fun bonding session with your kid. Pretend play is an important technique that helps kids develop social skills. 

#9. Activity Inspired Playhouse

Activity Inspired Playhouse
Image Credit: https://housefulofhandmade.com/

You can take a simple DIY playhouse to the next level with activity-inspired accessories. For example, your kids can climb into the playhouse on a rope ladder or a rock climbing wall. They could get out of it on a slide. The open space below the playhouse can accommodate a sandbox.

This plan has detailed instructions on building the deck, walls, railing, and roof. There are also steps explaining the installation process of the slide and climbing wall. This is sure to give your kids a healthy dose of exercise. 

#10. A Reading Corner

A Reading Corner
Image Credit: https://jenwoodhouse.com/

Having a cozy, private reading corner outdoors is a dream for book lovers. You could create their very own library in the backyard. This easy, budget-friendly design can first be used as a playhouse for your toddler. Then, you can transform it into a reading hideout as they grow up. 

The frame is built using 2x4s and tongue-and-groove planks on top. The roof is made from plywood; you can customize the material according to the weather in your area. You can explore DIY ladder shelf plans to organize books in it neatly and tidy.  

#11. A Summer Playhouse

A Summer Playhouse
Image Credit: https://vintagerevivals.com/

If you are new to woodworking, you get started with a simple summer playhouse. You start by building the base, adding four posts, assembling the roof on the ground, and attaching it to the posts. You can choose to attach a lattice at the backside to bring some structure to it.

Hang curtains on the roof and side to complete the build. You can roll up the curtains to let your kids enjoy the summer breeze. The space can be used for reading, painting, playing board games, or simply lazing around during summer.  

#12. Princess Playhouse

Princess Playhouse
Image Credit: https://www.instructables.com/

If you want to pamper your girls, this feature-packed princess playhouse will do the trick. This plan requires expertise in both woodworking and electronics. Stained glass windows, vintage light fixtures, a TV, sound system, built-in bookshelf are some of the features this plan offers. There is also a magic mirror that responds to sensors!

There is a roof vent, insulation, and drywall to manage its temperature. However, it is recommended you go through each step of the plan. This can be a cost and effort-intensive project.

#13. Saloon Playhouse

Saloon Playhouse
Image Credit: https://project.theownerbuildernetwork.co/

The Wild West is a famous theme among kids. It is also a theme that is widely used in cartoons and movies. The design closely resembles a saloon, complete with a swinging door, a vintage sign, a bell, and an antique hanging light lamp. 

The structure is entirely made of wood. It is a budget-friendly design plan, but it will take you a few days to complete the project. A saloon playhouse in the backyard is going to your kid pretty famous among friends.

#14. Pirate Ship Playhouse

Pirate Ship Playhouse
Image Credit: https://www.instructables.com/

If you want to move away from the usual designs, a pirate ship playhouse is a unique design you can undertake. Do not worry if you lack woodworking experience. The plan includes well-detailed instructions, diagrams, and photos to keep you on track.

The ship design boasts of a distinctly curved hull instead of the usual angled ones you see. In addition, you can personalize the pirate ship with your family flag, crest, and colors.


Playhouses are all about giving your children creative independence to explore themselves and the world. They learn to be more active and conscious about their surroundings.

We recommend involving your kids while going through different playhouse plans. Listen to their ideas, let them help paint a wall or decorate the space. The plans mentioned above are comprehensive for your benefit. Feel free to customize according to your kids’ age and tastes.