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The Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw Review

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The Shop Fox, being one of the major manufacturers in the market of power tools has been designing tools for many years with maximum functionality and trouble-free workability. The customer service offered is also top notch provided that the tools are manufactured with paying closer attention to minute details. The company follows a quality control program with rigidity to assure reliable operation after buying the tools and the Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table saw is no different. With a warranty of two years, this tool is everything you want both for the cabinet style usage or the contractor style usage.


The Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table saw is of light weight even with the table style and therefore, can be transported from one site to the other in the domain of the contractor usage making it one of the best hybrid table saw in the high-end contractor range. However, the interesting thing is that it has got all the features that we usually find in a regular cabinet saw along with the dust control technology, blade guard change, anti-kick back pawls.

The riving knife indulged as a part is interchangeable and it provides enhanced position while cutting different profiles and you can even position the tool away from the workpiece using the pawls. It also has the pulley, serpentine belt system for enriched cutting operations.​

Shop Fox W1824 Specifications & Key Features​

​The key features of the Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table saw includes the powerful 2 HP motor that can be prewired till 220v with a maximum rip capacity of around 30 inches or more.

  • Riving Knife. The knife has the same mechanism as the spreader of the blade guard as it is merely a metal plate which prevents the pinching of the freshly cut profiles and the provision of the anti-kickback pawls refrain from causing the kickback to the workpiece.
  • Rotation. The knife even mounts below the highest rotation point of the blade and therefore the height difference between the blade and the knife allows the non-through cuts throughout the thickness of the cutting workpiece.
  • Blade Guard. It has got retractable pawls as mentioned above along with the lifting sides. Together, they help in reduction of risk and injury from the polycarbonate guard. The guard also allows you to see the cut clearly as it helps the blade to stay in contact with the workpiece throughout the operation.
  • Safety. Due to the provision of pawls, the blade only travels in a single direction, and there is no backwards action enabled. If the workpiece moves back, the pawl will slow the motion and therefore, the injury proximity is relatively low because of it.
  • Ground cast table made of cast iron which provides both precision and accuracy
  • Due to the extension and design of the table, the friction is very less
  • It has got trunnions of cast iron which helps in easier cutting
  • The metre gauge with a T-slot provides adequate power
  • The HPPE face along with the T-shaped fence and Camlock offers utmost security
  • As the product is new with a new design, there are no detailed instructions given on how to use the tool especially the postures and the cutting profiles
  • The aesthetics of the design could have been a bit more better in order to create a psychological ambience in the customer’s brain

Customer Reviews and Ratings

After going through the review and ratings of the Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw with Extension Table, it is visible that the tool has received 3.75 stars out of 5 stars on the Amazon website with only 4 customer reviews. However, as the product is still new and we can't determine the performance of the product with just four reviews and ratings (and even then with a 3.75/5 rating), the product is still yet to be ranked properly. Within the 4 reviews, 3 of them are rated with 4 and 5 star ratings and only one has rated it with a 2 rating.​

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Critical Analysis​

From the critical point of view, the Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table saw is not properly packed in the carton in which it is shipped is being circled many times. However, it's the paint job that will keep you on edge with many flaws. The orange peel paint is heaped in uneven thick layers over here and there instead of being power coated which is giving the tool an unpleasant appearance. Some of the parts are cast poorly and the blade inserted seems to be of cheaper quality.

The settings for both the right angle and the 45 degrees are off, and the table has dipped at the points of connected extensions. However, it's the work that is to be invested in setting the tool on is more annoying. The fence is found warped in few cases, and when called back, the company tried to offer a new fence. But! The worst part is when the blade is burning after making a cut.​

Customer Reactions

​From the inclusive analysis of the customer reactions, if you have followed the instructions mentioned in the manual carefully, you might avoid all the above-mentioned issues. The assembling of the tool can be done with ease if you follow the instructions perfectly and hook up the dust port to the given dust collector. Once you are done with the assembling, you can make quite smooth cuts. It is to be noticed that the first cuts might be a bit rip and cross and you need to make few cuts in order to get a hold on the tool and also in order to habituate the tool for cutting operations.

Final Words​

Having said that, the Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table saw is an impressive tool altogether. If you are finding it hard to use, just loosen the trunnions and align the blade properly before the whole assembly is set just like you do with the cabinet table saw. If your problem is still persisting, try adjusting the fence and this table saw is the best you can get a lighter burden on your pocket.​