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13 Amazing & Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas

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We buy home and gardening equipment and put them to use and enjoy them till they get old and worn out. When this happens, the usual thing is to trash them or sometimes just let them rot in our backyards for as long as possible. One of the most common garden materials left to rot in a corner after it has gotten old is the wheelbarrow.

It just feels like everybody has an old wheelbarrow sitting in a corner. Instead of throwing the wheelbarrow in the trash or having it litter your area, you can decide to upcycle it into a planter. This way, you save cost on getting a planter, protect the environment, and get a unique design in your garden that your visitors won’t get tired of admiring.

The good thing about wheelbarrow planters is that they are easily movable since most still have their wheels intact and are at a decent size that is not too heavy to move even without working wheels. This solves a major problem with large planters as they are usually difficult to move to a different location.

The good thing about these ideas is that you don’t have to wait until you have an old wheelbarrow. You can make it and turn it into a planter.

Whether you just want to add a couple of flowers to your garden or you are looking for major additions across your space, you will hardly go wrong by using your old wheelbarrow. There are so many ways to design your wheelbarrow as a planter and make a spectacle in your garden. This is something we’ll be looking at in this piece. Here are some unique ideas you can try. They are inexpensive once you have an old wheelbarrow and are typically easy to replicate.

Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas You Can Try

Wheelbarrows come in different shapes, materials, and sizes, giving you the base to effect a variety of designs. Here are some stylish designs you should take a look at to turn that old wheelbarrow that has been abandoned into a center of attraction in your space:

1. Bohemian Barrow Planter

Bohemian Barrow Planter

You can buy this Bohemian wheelbarrow or make it using a crate and turn it into a beautiful planter. The deep finishing instantly captures attention wherever you place it. It is small, thereby using up less space in your field. You can fill it up with your favorite flowers and position it at the entrance of your home or the center of your garden.

Beautiful paint designs on the wheelbarrow make it even more attractive. To move this to another location, all you need to do is raise it from its handles and push.

2. Rustic Wood Planter with No Legs

Rustic Wood Planter with No Legs

How about a wheelbarrow planter with no legs. Just a metal wheel at the front and the base of the bed sitting on the ground. The rustic look of this design creates a more natural feel and adds to the excitement, especially if you have colorful plants growing in the bed.

It is simple to replicate as you do not even need to paint once you have that rustic look. Fill the wheelbarrow with farming soil and grow your favorites.

3. Green Standalone Planter

Green Standalone Planter
Image Credit: Pinterest

Sometimes you only want a design that can stand on its own. This green wheelbarrow is set at a corner of this pond. Several pots of different colors and containing varying plants are put inside the wheelbarrow.

You can easily replicate this by painting your old wheelbarrow dull green and filling it up with planter pots. Set it in a corner away from other vegetation for best effect.

4. Metal Wheelbarrow Planter with Large Wheel Design

Metal Wheelbarrow Planter with Large Wheel Design
Image Credit: Pinterest

This is an old wheelbarrow-turned planter with green growing all around it. More greens are planted in the bed and allowed to grow wild to create a feeling of fullness. A wooden wheel relying on the wheelbarrow sets a throwback scene in your garden.

In this design, more green is better and overgrown plants in and around the wheelbarrow make the idea come alive. You don’t have to paint here; just get your old metal wheelbarrow and set it in the center of a garden with a large wheel by its side.

5. Specialized Modern Plant Holder

Specialized Modern Plant Holder
Image Credit: Pinterest

This wheelbarrow idea is made or at least adjusted specifically to carry plants. It features a meshed bottom, metallic stands, wheels, and a cleanly carved wooden bed. All these bring about a modern look and allow you to use the planter both indoors and outdoors.

You can make this from an existing wooden wheelbarrow by removing the base and fixing strong nets, or you can get the already made design from stores. Whichever one you choose, having this planter in your home will add another dimension to your landscape.

6. Matching Colours

Matching Colours
Image Credit: Pinterest/ in.pinterest.com/designingidea/

Colour combinations in the right proportions are not only exciting to look at but also fulfilling. There’s this sense of fulfillment that comes with perfectly combined colors. One of such combinations is green and red, as seen in this planter idea.

Here the wheelbarrow is painted bright red and still has its tires intact. Green plants with bright red and dull purple flowers adorn the bed, while an aesthetically pleasing plant with green and white leaves sits at the center of it all like a queen. The green plants and green surroundings form a splendid combination with the red flowers and red wheelbarrow.

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7. Wheelbarrow Planter with No Sides

Wheelbarrow Planter with No Sides
Image Credit: Pinterest/in.pinterest.com/flickr/

If you want your planter to stand out and not be overshadowed by the wheelbarrow, this idea fits the bill. Instead of the wheelbarrow being the center of attraction, it enhances the pot and flowers in it. Without any side, this barrow exposes the planter on it and gives room for the plant to spread even farther.

Freshly painted red and a natural color clay planter pot feels just right with this design. Grow plants with vines that overgrow their containers, and watch as this edifice at the center of your lawn starts getting a lot of admiring eyes.

8. Deck Delight

Deck Delight

If you have any decked area in your home, you should consider this planter. Whether it be a patio, sitting area, or decked stairs, having this wheelbarrow planter on it makes for an amazing view.

You can put as many plants as you want inside the wheelbarrow, depending on the size of the bed. This design is painted red to match the several red flowers shooting out in spring. You can also decide to leave its rustic look to match the deck.

9. Double Planter Carriage

Double Planter Carriage

Know how carriages carry goods and humans on the back of horses? Well, this garden planter design is similar to that. It contains two wheelbarrows of varying sizes, with the smaller one placed in front and looking like it is dragging the larger carriage behind it.

The two barrows are filled with plant boxes. These boxes contain plants that bloom and showcase a rich combination of flowers. You can twerk the type of plants you want in there and can even make it your little herb garden.

10. Cot-Styled Wheelbarrow Planter

Cot-Styled Wheelbarrow Planter

This wheelbarrow planter looks like a baby cot on wheels. Its rustic look brings a whimsical feeling to your garden as you fill it up with your favorite plants. There are no elongated handlebars like with most wheelbarrows, only a shock plank attached to the rear end.

This type of wheelbarrow-turned planter is sure to attract attention to it as it is unorthodox and classy. Peep its movie-esque wheels.

11. New and Bold

New and Bold

It doesn’t always have to be old wheelbarrows; new ones can do the job and maybe even better. If you’re looking for a sharp look in your garden, buying a new and colorful wheelbarrow may just be it for you. This brightly colored Wheelbarrow features a planter put inside the bed and filled with exciting plants.

The bed has room at the sides to house garden equipment which further raises the appeal of this design. Not only does it serve as a planter, but it can also hold some of your garden tools while using them to boost aesthetics.

12. Classy Planter

Classy Planter

Craftily made with edges and intricate designs, this wheelbarrow planter idea is only for those that appreciate art. Its legs and handles are made with special curves and arcs, and the sides of the bed sport net-like styles that can be used to grow vines downwards.

If special designs excite you, this is one you shouldn’t let pass you by. Get this barrow and start growing your plants.

13. The Overflowing Barrow Planter

The Overflowing Barrow Planter

Do you want to showcase your creativity and make something exciting? How about this overflowing wheelbarrow planter where the simple but colorful planter is set to look like the plants in it have overflowed?

Here, because of the greens around it, you want to paint the wheelbarrow in bright, attractive colors to stay visible even from afar. Then the barrow is raised, so the front end is close to the ground. It is then filled with planting soil and your favorite creeping plant grown. The plant is also grown from the base of the wheelbarrow to as far as possible. When this plant grows fully, it looks like it has overflowed from the wheelbarrow.

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Wheelbarrows can be an awesome addition to your garden as planters with the right idea. You can get new wheelbarrows or use old worn-out ones and convert them into planters to grow flowers, herbs, and small plants.

When placed strategically, you can evoke pleasing emotions and make the space beautiful.