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13 Clever DIY Tool Storage Plans & Ideas

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Do your tools get rusted easily? Do you struggle to find specific tools when you need them the most? It is probably because you are not storing them properly. To prevent this from happening, use these DIY tool storage ideas to find efficient, effective, and easy to access tool storage solutions. Besides, no one wants to go through the cycle of paying the cost of poor tool maintenance.

Organizing tools is always fun and saves up plenty of valuable time in the future. It helps you work in a streamlined fashion and doesn’t lead to timely discrepancies during the projects you work on. This has a considerable impact on the quality of work you are capable of performing.

To aid you in this organization task, tool storage seems like the ideal means. These DIY tool storage plans can be designed and decorated according to your taste and will render as an undoubtedly handy long-term solution.

It’s time to put on your construction gloves, and get ready to become acquainted with some quality and exquisite DIY tool storage ideas.

13 Clever DIY Tool Storage Plans & Ideas

13 Clever DIY Tool Storage Plans & Ideas

1. DIY Garage Storage Wall

If you are in a time crunch, and also not willing to shell out a lot of money for your tool storage solution, this DIY plan should cater to your limitations. Use simple storage shelves and plastic containers to remodel your garage within a day.

This guide provides comprehensive instructions to build durable shelving that can hold plastic bins to organize your garage. Once completed, maintenance is also not too difficult (labels and weekly dusting would do the job) and leaves scope for upgradations.

2. DIY Double Decker Tool Storage Plan

Floor space is too overrated and hence finds ample utility. Using it for tool storage might not be the best decision. Thus we have included a unique approach that makes use of overhead space.

This project gives you dual storage capacity by making the shelves structure of a double-decker design. Nothing beats the fact that you can install hooks for wires and other equipment that can be hung. Even better, the surface length of either shelve is varied to offer simple accessing of the tools.

Been facing similar storage roadblocks with your closet? These 20 creative DIY closet organizer plans should share valuable closet organization solutions.

3. Flip Top Tool Stand

If you have a small workplace but still have to store large power tools, this DIY is the one you need. This stand allows you to store two power tools together, and switch between them with just a flip of the top.

Being a multipurpose locker, it allows you to conveniently store those tools which are heavy to carry around. Factually speaking, this DIY tool storage plan suits individuals who need to frequently get their power tools in action. The construction is simple, quick, and highly versatile in terms of storage.

4. DIY French Cleat Saw Blade Storage Plan

Use this authentic French Cleat system with two layers of storage, each having six vertical partitions, to organize your blade supplies and attachments. This saw blade storage works best for blade-related accessories, but can also be used for other equipment like sandpaper.

Additionally, it provides a great scope for customization, allowing you to include innovative added functionalities to enhance its utility.

Click on this guide to know more about types of table saws, their uses, and our recommendations.

5. DIY Rolling Tool Chest

DIY Rolling Tool Chest

This DIY plan teaches you to construct and further design your fully customizable and transportable tool holder from scratch. With separate steps for designing instructions, material usage, construction steps, and a time-lapse video showcasing the detailed development procedure, this otherwise difficult plan has been made workable for even beginners.

A rolling chest is perfect to carry your tools easily from your storage space to your workbench in one go. One can even add labels for enabling a quicker grasp of which tools are where. Most importantly, the countertop could be a perfect base for placing tools in use.

6. DIY Shipshape Storage Wall

Spice up that bland garage wall and put your tools on display. Design your personalized wall-oriented storage system over the weekend, and organize all your tools into this grand exhibit.

What would cost a fortune if bought from the store can now be replicated at a shockingly low price? There are vertical brackets to offer tool segregation options along with the horizontal storage slots. Above all, there is an upper shelf, hooks, and even arrangements to store your wheelbarrow or ladder.

7. DIY Cordless Drill Storage and Charging Station

A cordless drill tool storage, with its own battery charging station, is an excellent way to keep all your drilling supplies (drills, batteries, battery chargers, etc.) in one place.

This DIY plan offers step-by-step instructions to build brackets that hold 5 drillers, a sliding drawer for drill bits, and a small countertop for placing drill-related parts. A docking station as compact as this, lets one conveniently store their daily-use drill kit. You can even use a power strip to allow for multiple charging outlets.

8. DIY Foldable Workbench cum Tool Storage

DIY Foldable Workbench cum Tool Storage

Keep losing track of your construction goals while in your cluttered workshop? Fret not, as this foldable workbench cum tool storage is your one-stop solution. Use this workbench throughout the day, and then fold it up when you are done to store your tools.

This project requires only basic tools and carpentry skills and can be completed in 8 to 10 hours. With the assurance of simple and durable construction, this DIY project can be the first of your many future endeavors.

9. DIY Peg Board Organizer Plan

When you learn to exploit the perks of a pegboard you’ll be surprised at how easily can it become your best ever tool storage option.

All this idea requires for you to do is hang a sheet of pegboard on your wall, and then arrange your tools on it. This gives you a clear view of all your tools and erases the need for regular opening and closing of drawers. Being the simplest and most convenient DIY project on this list, this is the one for all lazy workers.

10. DIY Crate-Based Tool Storage Plan

Crates are a sustainable item for storage because of their sturdy build. This DIY project permits users a great degree of flexibility to add a creative touch and acquire a crate-themed tool storage cabinet with sliding drawers.

Each crate/drawer comes with sufficient depth to store even bulky tools. Consider complementing its chic design by adding a funky visual makeover to the final product of this plan.

11. DIY Sliding Pegboard Storage System

4 pegboards in one square-shaped box! Despite the compressed look, it comes with the ability to store 5x the amount of tools as you can imagine. However, this DIY plan attempts to breakdown the conventional organization tactic into something inventive.

Make sure to leave both sides of the box open so as to offer double-ended access to the tools. One could even nail in hooks on the side for extra hanging storage capabilities.

12. DIY Deluxe Tool Storage Cabinet Plan

Making this customizable tool storage cabinet requires minimal time and effort, and proves to be a simple task; all credits to the DIYer self-explanatory images. Despite showcasing a simple and practical design, you can make it look like a construction marvel as shown in the image.

Apart from wheels on the bottom, there are also handles on the side to carry the cabinet around.

13. DIY Grab and Go Cord Rack

An hour is all it will take to get done with this simple rack and store all your ropes, extension cords, wires, etc. in one visually and physically accessible spot.

Hanging cords on a single hook often lead to issues of entanglement and thus poor downtimes in project completion due to frustrating entangling of the wires. Whereas having multiple hooks take up too much space and display a congested setup. The video and textual guidance in this guide will educate you on an efficient and tidy method to stack your wires, thus eliminating cumbersome wire management.


Making a personalized storage space for your tools might seem to be a tedious task, but these easy, cost-effective, and efficient DIY tool storage plans will make the job seem like a cake-walk. Try and make your tool storage solution a portable one, you can thank us later.

Now that you have managed to finally organize your tools, how about going old-school and building an addictive arcade cabinet?

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