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9 Best DIY Gazebo Plans & Ideas

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Been wanting to fuel your backyard or front porch with an ornamental landscape? A gazebo is one such free-standing structure that can provide shelter, shade, a sitting or eating area, all with an assurance of an upgraded landscape. Their roofs are usually octagonal or hexagonal in shape, thus naturally inducing a different atmosphere to your outdoor space.

You can either hire a contractor or designer by spending thousands of dollars or you can get your woodworking skills in order and do it yourself. Besides, the perks of having a gazebo on your property could neutralize the post-work fatigue you experience. We have gathered 9 DIY gazebo plans that come with multi-purpose usage options.

Even better, you can organize barbeque parties, make it an outdoor living space, a meditation spot, a flower-infused mini garden, or a simple sitting area with a couple of chairs. Sipping coffee in a gazebo that has been designed for greater air circulation could be the relaxant you need.

You are free to build lattice or glass around your gazebo. Depending on your backyard patio construction, you can modify the plan to suit your deck or build a deck that comes with the plan itself.

Here are 9 truly captivating DIY Gazebo plans to help you choose from:

DIY Gazebo Plans

DIY Gazebo Plans

1. DIY 8-by-8 Foot Gazebo Plan

diy gazebo plans

This 8-by-8 foot gazebo plan advises you to use materials of top quality to assure a strong structure that can sustain the harshest of weather. Most of your energies should be focused on establishing and erecting a basic gazebo. Once your structure is standing tall, then you could craft the trimmings, lattice, and any other decorations.

There are a collective of 5 phases these plans are split into. You will create the frame foundation, decking, railings, roof framing, and then assemble all the parts. The presence of detailed gazebo drawings with crystal-clear measurements will help you build this gazebo in an organized fashion.

If you’re an amateur in big DIY structures, this woodworking guide could provide a great deal of help in equipping you with relevant knowledge.

2. Spacious DIY Gazebo Plan

diy gazebo plans

Greater air circulation, spacious interiors, and sufficient amounts of shade are the unique elements of this DIY gazebo plan. The intricate layering of the slats on the roof assures that rain runoff keeps you dry in mild to moderate rainfall. Make sure you use galvanized hardware and weather-resistant cedarwood for extending its durability.

Within the plan, you will stumble across a few elegant options that let you choose from a couple of dashing flooring patterns. Also, if the DIYer could accomplish this project by using only a circular saw, you can do the same. Check out this guide on table saws to get an idea of the available wood-cutting options.

Families whose homes provide a reasonable amount of shadow in the garden could reap the maximum benefits of this DIY gazebo plan.

3. Lean To Roof DIY Gazebo Plan

diy gazebo plans

This is a 10-by-16 gazebo that comes with a leaning roof. The roof design ensures that all the rainwater slides off in force and doesn’t accumulate. Additionally, this DIY gazebo plan comes with a double-sided entry. 

You can also attach an Old West themed door to give it a rustic feel. Try and make the door-top a slanted design like the roof. The uniformity you will achieve is pleasing to the eyes.

Part 1 of this plan will focus on building the mainframe and the roof. Whereas part 2 will focus on constructing the railings and attaching the roofing. Use pine or redwood for the best results. 

4. DIY Screened Gazebo Plan

diy gazebo plans

Can’t cope with the constant influx of mosquitos? This 12-by-12 gazebo has screens built all around it. You have an option to install sliding windows for days when the pesky insects aren’t around. Otherwise, you could settle with the steps mentioned for installing meshed windows. 

To achieve the desired symmetry of your gazebo you must use a spirit level to plumb and line up the components. Do this before using the galvanized screws. 

The best part is the gable roof element. This makes it extremely easy to place the frame and avoid excessive back and forth. The guide is comprehensive and has easy to understand engineering part assembly drawings to help you throughout the project.  

5. DIY Cabana-Style Gazebo

diy gazebo plans

This is more of a gazebo-makeover plan. If you have a pavilion, pergola, patio, or even a semi-built gazebo, expect to find several decorative ideas to upgrade the structure. You will use black and white striped fabrics as drapes along with a complex hand-made branch-design ball to throw around ambient lighting. This twig chandelier will surely beat all your ideas.

Cozy cushioning, a roped swing-like porch, and matching porch and curtain fabrics will make your gazebo feel more homely than ever. If you need a floor makeover then consider getting your hands on a weather-proof rug for the ground. Obviously, match the design to your couch and curtains.

6. DIY Grillzebo Plan

diy gazebo plans

This could be the go-to backyard spot for grilling-based lunches and dinners. The narrow end table built on either side could serve as a platform for meals and drinks. Check out these rugged DIY bar stool suggestions, you will definitely come across something that suits your gazebo.

What better than a gazebo that is big enough to accommodate most garden grills and yet small enough to stand on your existing patio? Once you have accepted this grillzebo as your outdoor bar, you must work on making it visually impressive. Think of ideas to attach built-in coolers or DIY wine racks.

This guide has 15 steps with pictures and another 15 steps with textual descriptions that will help connect dots during the construction phase.

7. Wooden DIY Gazebo Plan

diy gazebo plans

The raised floor bed (bale) prevents any water clogging and offers an elevated and wholesome view of the surroundings. The inspiration for this DIY project comes from typical traditional pavilions in Bali, Indonesia. They are uncomplicated, elegant, and yet simple. One could easily make it their working, conversing, or sleeping space.

There’s also an under the surface storage box that is mouse-resistant and accessible with no trouble. It’s big enough to store folding chairs, plates, mats, and even books. Most importantly, the elongated eaves offer shade and protection from rainfall (to some extent).

You will find plenty of precautions in this guide to prevent you from making costly construction errors. For example, renting a scaffolding could make it a safer and quicker DIY project.

8. Simple DIY Gazebo

This is a not-so-fancy and simple gazebo that could be perfect for even small gardens. Despite being an octagonal gazebo, it is simple and cost-effective. You will build roof rafters and mix concrete onto the erected posts. The highlight is that you are free to create a concrete surface, elevated wooden surface, or a grass surface.

You are demanded to erect the 8 posts with utmost precision and attention. As the poles are inserted into the ground and no bracing is required, you may finish it quickly. But remember, precision is a must for your structure to withstand winds.

There are 3 little benches inside the gazebo too. Have a look at these DIY coffee table plans and you may be able to build a little one for your gazebo.

9. DIY Sketch-Up Gazebo Plan

diy gazebo plans

Large roofs are the greatest element a gazebo can have. The gable roof is extended more than usual to slide away the maximum amount of rainfall. Worried about the sun? Some spots in this gazebo will reward you with 100% shade. All credits go to metallic bars on the concrete flooring. They provide the strength for the entire gazebo to stand strong.

Take double precaution and fill the gaps between the wood and metal with silicone and tar. This will prevent water from seeping in and damaging the rigidity. 

Before attaching the roof supporting wood pieces, you will have to position the front, side, and top traverse with spot-on alignment from either side. Check out the final roof layering techniques. It would be in your best interest to abide by them if you stay in a stormy region.


Some of these DIY gazebo plans could be completed in a day and some could be spaced out with a week’s target. Depending on your outdoor space, family members, frequency of visitors, and backyard usage, you can make a choice that stays on your property for decades. 

Amongst these DIY gazebo plans, some showcase utilitarian features whereas some rely on inexplicable beauty by installing a lattice or corbels. Make a wise choice as the outcome generally comes with long-term usage.