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8 Epic DIY Pallet Table Plans & Ideas

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Are you a fan of construction designs that use pallets? Got plenty of unused pallets lying from your backyard fencing project? Above all, do you need a new indoor or outdoor table for dining or necessary usage purposes? You can quickly put in some effort and take up the task to build a DIY pallet table.

Pallets can be expensive, and you don’t want to dispose of the extra ones. You can build mini-sheds, kennels, cat homes, bird boxes, outdoor gardening equipment wardrobes, or even a closet made purely of pallets. One can achieve a broad spectrum of pallet designs by some minor cutting, gluing, drilling, and assembling.

DIY Pallet Table Plans & Ideas

DIY Pallet Table Plans & Ideas

We have gathered a list of 8 captivating DIY pallet table ideas and plans to help you add a self-made table to your home.

1. DIY Pallet Kitchen Island

diy pallet table

High time you get a kitchen island big enough to carry out your ingredients-preparing and overall cooking tasks with ease? While people pay thousands of dollars to get a fully-functional kitchen island, this DIY guide lets you build it in under $50!

Do not mess up your framing height as it would be the foundation for a long-term pallet-based kitchen island. You also get plenty of storage space underneath, on the user side. Additionally, there is also a shelf in the storage area to keep your day-to-day kitchen equipment.

Once the central piece is constructed, you can paint or polish it as per your kitchen’s interiors. Do have a look at what the DIYers turned their end product into.


  • Pallet Wood
  • Tape Measure
  • Screws
  • Drill and Table Saw
  • Four pieces of 4×4 posts
  • Two pieces of 2×4 boards

2. DIY Pallet Coffee Table

diy pallet table plans

Either head to the lumberyard or to a garage sale to get your hands on a decent number of pallets. This guide suggests you use liquid nails to assemble all the pallets firmly. 

The best part is the caster wheels that make it easy to move the table to any part of your house that you want to have a cup of coffee in. If you have an outdoor patio and a window big enough, you can take it outside with minimal efforts. 

Guess what? These wheels can be locked too. This eliminates the chance of your DIY pallet table moving around unnecessarily. 

The DIYer suggests you neutralize the rugged look by placing a glass surface above this piece.

3. DIY Fold-up Pallet Table

diy pallet table ideas

Looking to create an area in your house where you can showcase your trophies and other achievements? This fold-up pallet table lets you do that, plus use it as a desk whenever needed.

This guide uses piano hinges to include table-folding functionality. Even better, the presence of a window sash and high-loading capacity cables make sure your desk is supported well enough when opened.

In the end, you attach an eye hook to the tabletop and connect the cable to it. You have the freedom to stain this DIY pallet table as per the behind-wall design. Be calm when you make your choices. The number of fantastic design options with this DIY fold-up table will leave you over-excited.


  • Pallet Board
  • Table Saw
  • Piano Hinge
  • Window Sash
  • Cables
  • Eye Hook
  • Dark Walnut Stain

4. DIY Pallet End Table

diy pallet table plans

For the ones looking for a pretty little DIY pallet end table, this is your last stop. This table is easy-to-build and can be completed within one day. 

Expect the tutorial to give you detailed insights on every pallet you will need (including the screw hole diameters). You will be taught to assemble the slates such that there are zero structural discrepancies. 

The thickness and two-sided construction of the table’s legs make it sturdy and also make for extra storage space under the main surface.

Depending on the quality of wood you use, the DIY pallet table idea could be molded into reality for your indoor or outdoor setting.

5. Dining DIY Pallet Table

diy pallet table

Always wanted a wooden dining table? Well, this guide has been curated to help you build and assemble a quality pallet-oriented dining table. Around 6 to 8 people can comfortably sit around this table.

It is advised you first use low grit sandpaper followed by higher grit sandpaper. This assures the fragments are removed, and there is no sign of dirt on the pallets. 

Most importantly, you have to attach lightweight legs so that the wheels can easily bear the weight of the heavy tabletop. Although, there is no need to make too much of a compromise on the design. 

The little bit of storage space under the main surface is the USP of this DIY pallet table plan.

6. Kids Picnic DIY Pallet Table

diy pallet table

It’s never a bad idea to build your kids a comfortable picnic spot in the open. This DIY pallet table for kids is built to attach pallet-like benches on either side of the table. Not only your kids but 3 to 5 of their friends can easily fit too.

To give that picnic feel, it is better if you drill a hole in the center of the table for the umbrella pole. This could prove like a worthy option for kids who like to spend plenty of their time in the backyard.

Both the lower side ends of this pallet table exhibit an A-shaped structure that extends the table’s ability to manage load even on the edge of the benches.


  • 1 Pallet
  • Two pieces of 2 x 4 x 8’ Pressure Treated Boards (for the legs)
  • 3’’ Wood Screws
  • Wood Stainer or Water Sealer

7. DIY Pallet Table with Steel Legs

diy pallet table plans

Don’t trust the wooden legs of the common-day DIY pallet tables? This tutorial uses steel legs to help reduce the worry of breakage! 

This is more of a self-explanatory guide. You need to cut the pallets such that minor gaps are left after assembling. These gaps are further filled with pallets of the now-required width. Side pallets are attached to the lower side of the tabletop to give the user a small amount of space for magazines and books.

It would be better to opt for this DIY pallet table idea only if you are adequately professional with woodworking tasks. The precision needed to drill in nails and placing the steel legs has ample room for error.

8. DIY Pallet Study Table

diy pallet table plans

Four solid legs attached to the pallet board will give you the perfect framework. Although not too descriptive and broken down, this guide should shed the necessary light to help you build this pallet desk in under 3 to 4 hours.

Has it been a while you are planning to plant a desk in your bedroom? Well, this project could help get that desk without even nearing your budget.


Is pallet furniture a thing of the past? No way! Even the most modern furniture designs have pallets that play a critical role in the final design. Besides, the thrill of not spending money and building a pallet table all by yourself is one of a kind. 

You can even check out these scroll saw patterns to include a one-of-a-kind design to your pallet table. 

Also, have you thought of a DIY ping pong table to accompany the pallet table in your backyard?

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