10 Stylish & Easy DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! Greetings to our readers as I share my first ever post on DIY ideas on Pro Tool Guide. Well, the occasion is perfect as well so why not? Thanksgiving 2016 is just 2 days away and if you are still confused about how to decorate your table for the special dinner, then you are reading the right piece of content. I will list out the best DIY thanksgiving table decorations which you can have a glance at and then make something exclusive and glamorous by yourself, sounds jolly? Let’s go then!

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas 2016

1. The Orange Charm

It looks very pleasant if the table is doled up and the orange coloured linen instead of some dull colour on would really light up anyone’s mood on any occasion for sure.

diy thanksgiving table decorations

2. Dark Elegant Fantasy

A table full of rich colours with subtle contrasts will look extremely luxurious and you will surely enjoy the delicious food and long conversations about how you used to celebrate thanksgiving in your childhood and about many other happy things. The purple-tinged cabbage rosettes are combined with white Astilbe, French lavender and Tallow berries to create a textured centerpiece. The flowers are very important to create an aesthetic feeling in the minds of people sitting on the table. And finally the emrald green velvet tablecloth adds a gorgeous background to the whole setup with the white and gold plates.

thankgiving table decorations diy

3. Modern Touch of Simplicity

A modern way of celebrating a historic holiday is by setting up a dining table in such a way that people are just stunned! Pair up the place cards with text “Hello My Name Is” and some pretty paper flowers in glided geometrical vases. Also keep some simple jars filled with treats like honey butter to accent each seat-setting.


4. Tall and Calm

Along with the dishes, napkins and wine glasses kept in an orderly manner, the wonderful flowers and some tall as well as thin pieces as you see in the below picture can be a eye-catcher since they won’t even block anyone’s view while seated. Try this setup on Thanksgiving 2016, maybe?

easy diy thanksgiving table decorations

5. Chic Settings

Apartment 34 followed a mix-and-match approach to finally get done with this holiday tabletop which created a comfortable and carefree vibe that invited people to sit down and roll up their sleeves. They used three different salad plates, two different sets of cloth napkins (gray and deep fuchsia), two types of glasses (green goblets and vintage crystal coupes) and two different chair finishes (copper and black). The centerpiece can be a  a garland made out of magnolia leaves, but you can even choose any kind of greenery that pleases your heart and mind.

diy thanksgiving table

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

6. Fresh as the Sunshine

The classic blue and white colour combo for the table cloth with the berries and oranges in the big bowls and flowers in thin vases gave a super fresh feel. The orange and yellow fruits are indication of inspiration which adds up to the overall feeling as well.

fresh table decor for fall

7. Coastal Nod

It might be a good choice to do something out of the box by giving your dining table a coastal nod on this Thanksgiving holiday. Give it a beach-look (no literally, haha) by incorporating some white and blue candles and plates. Also add a White Pumpkin Centerpiece which has a few starfish, clam and scallop shells on the top. This will surely make your guests feel a coastal breeze at your home.

diy coastal table decoration

8. Romantic Lamps

Give a romantic feel to the table by adding some lamps of joy, candles along with the golden flatware and half-filled wine glasses. This will certainly light up your loved one to the maximum level and you will spend a beautiful Thanksgiving together.

romantic thanksgiving diy

9. Flower Blast

Try adding a lot of flowers in the center and wooden table and chairs to make the guests feel a forest-kind-of atmosphere even if they are indoors.

forest diy table decor

10. Kids Fantasy

DIY thanksgiving table decorations for the kids would be something like shown below. Add a flower centerpiece on the table with 4 long candles surrounding it. This is a Swedish tradition and a great conversation starter. The kids would love to be a part of this stunning dining table, don’t you think?

diy kids thanksgiving table

With this, our meticulous list of thanksgiving DIY projects for table decorations comes to an end but bare in mind that our DIY journey has just started out! I will be personally sharing thousands of thanksgiving gift ideas with you from now onwards on a regular basis and I hope you all will be deeply interested to know what I have in the box for you all, am I right? 🙂

Enjoy the Thanksgiving 2016 holiday week and share your Thanksgiving table decorations with us, we would love to hear from you. Cheers!

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