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23 Fascinating Retaining Wall Ideas

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Retaining walls serve several functions. It lets you maintain a gorgeous garden; it prevents the problems caused by erosion and adds strength to your multi-level garden bed. While retaining walls are a necessity, these are not boring. With several styles and design ideas, retaining walls offer the immense decorative potential to enhance your property. Listed below are the retaining wall ideas to help you choose a design that will match the surrounding aesthetics and your taste.

Retaining Wall Ideas for You

Whether you hire a professional or consider the DIY option, it is vital to know that retaining walls are expensive. So brainstorm a bit and choose a retaining wall that blends well with the landscape. These are great problem solvers, and one should not underestimate their style quotient. Look at these fantastic ideas to create the perfect vibe in your garden.

#1. Modern Concrete

Modern Concrete

Modern concrete mixes well with the decor of a modern garden. Add some sophistication and warmth by including greenery and flowers to make the area feel welcoming. The smoothness of the concrete and the roughness of the plants create a visually appealing texture.

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#2. Pale Sandstone

Pale Sandstone

This retaining wall idea is a fantastic find if you wish to combine a rustic and modern look. Made of sandstone, the material brings in a sense of subtle luxury. The design is a rare find for those who fall for the old-world charm. Sandstone is expensive, but it does not ask for any future replacements. High-quality sandstone walls serve a lifespan which makes it an intelligent investment.

#3. Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence

If affordability is a concern, then a wooden fence is what you need. The retaining wall idea is attractive but make sure to choose high-quality timber that can handle the push of the soil behind it. Timber panels integrate to give a natural décor that seamlessly blends with the other garden elements and thus creates a natural beauty. Avoid intricate designs on the wood to give your garden a uniform look.

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#4. Flagstone Irregular Wall

Flagstone Irregular Wall

With its varying size and shapes, the flagstone wall is a head-turner, making it a dominating feature in the garden. The natural-looking retaining wall throws a rugged look while at the same time is stylish and modern. Gray is a fantastic choice reflecting a contemporary design. The size of the block makes the wall impressive.

#5. Interlocking Blocks

Interlocking Blocks

Here is a fantastic idea if you wish for your retaining wall to stand out in your garden. The interlocking block design creates a unique visual feel which does not fail to capture attention. In addition, the blocks have a cylindrical shape which uniformly increases the depth of the area. A one-of-a-kind design, this retaining wall idea is a favorite with those who have an artistic flair.

#6. Cut Stone

Cut Stone

It is the irregularity of the stone that gives it such a charming effect. Cut stone creates a rustic look. You are free to wear your creative hat and work on the cut stone and carve the design that you wish on the retaining wall. You may choose a single color or size if you desire tidiness and uniformity. You can mix different kinds of stones to get a stylish finish. Cut stones are durable, which lasts for years to come.

#7. Patchwork Stone

Patchwork Stone

Get a patchwork blanket look with just a few select blocks and colors when building this retaining wall. It gives a blanket look, something like what your grandma may have stitched for you. The colored blocks are placed intentionally without any pattern in a haphazard style. This gives the design a comfortable and relaxed feel. Cut the bricks with a slightly rounded edge to give it coziness and warmth. Angular bricks, however, give the wall a stern look. It is also a great idea to match the style of the retaining wall and the style of your home to give your property a continuous look.

#8. Decorative Block Work

Decorative Block Work

The retaining wall design has a retain pattern and is made with precise measurements. The resultant is a futuristic creation that fits perfectly in the background. The best part about this design is that it works well on a grand and a small scale.

#9. Integrated Steps

Integrated Steps

For someone more focused on the design part and less on the functionality part, the retaining wall design with integrated steps is what you need. The decorative steps add an aura to what otherwise would be a very subtle and simple retaining wall. The stairs give the place practical use giving easy access to the upper level of the retaining wall. The staircase brings the high and the low-level contrast not to seem harsh.

#10. Gabion Wall

Gabion Wall

Gabions were predominantly used in military bases and civil engineering. But today, these have found their way into residential property. Gabions are wire cages that are filled with stone and bricks. The size of the stone you use in the gabion depends on the type of wire cage you choose. If the wire is tightly woven, then it will be able to fit in smaller pebbles. The gabions have a relaxed and edgy look which gives your landscape an industrial appearance. The retaining wall is large, so you will need a yard that is not tight on space.

#11. Concrete Retaining Walls Mounted with Wooden Sheet

Concrete Retaining Walls mounted with Wooden Sheet

Here is a mixed retaining wall idea perfect for the outer boundary of the house. The design has a bare concrete wall that is painted with brown color to enhance the interior beauty. Give it a WOW effect with a layer of climbers. You can adjust the height of the retaining wall as per what you need.

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#12. Retaining wall with Small and Large Stones

Retaining wall with small and large stones

Stone gives a natural look to any architectural design. Go a step ahead and fuse the retaining wall with large and small stones to provide the wall with a whole new dimension. Here is how to go about it. Build the retaining wall with large rocks and then fill the spaces in between them with small stones. You may also choose to add stones in varying colors to give it a daring look. It is a great idea to follow a pattern to make your retaining wall into a gorgeous piece of outdoor art.

#13. Tiered Terrace

Tiered Terrace

These are low retaining walls with a block terrace that gives your wall a staggered look. It provides a gentle look to the landscape. The tiered levels let you create rows of flower beds on every level, filled with solar lights and decorative pebbles. The retaining wall design is time-consuming and complex, but the procedure is worth all the effort.

#14. Curved Retaining Wall

Curved Retaining Wall

The curvy retaining wall is bulky and depicts durability and strength. Make it with stones stacked on top of each other to give it a brilliant pattern. You are free to dig a small canal and populate it with water plants to provide the wall with an attractive look.

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#15. Multicolor Mosaic

Multicolor Mosaic

This creative retaining wall idea is made using natural stone pebbles in varied colors. The pastel shades of the stone give the wall a quirky and fun look without exuding boldness. If you want to color in your garden but are not particularly keen on gardening, this is the right retaining wall idea for you. You can build the integrated steps in this retaining wall to give the wall a continuity feel which blends with the features of the wall and seamlessly into the landscape.

#16. Stone Retaining Wall with a Platform  

Stone retaining wall with a platform

Here is an idea for a retaining wall made with stones stacked into the wall and with a platform. The platform on the lower base is in trend. You can use this space to plant shrubs and flowering plants or also to place some lights. Make sure that the design blends with the outdoor decor of your house, and you are good to go.

#17. Vertical Railway Style

Vertical Railway Style

Here is a unique retaining wall idea that gives a visual effect of a vertical railway. You need to combine the design with vibrant green grass to give your garden a polished look. The wall cuts across your yard, which is why it gets the name of a railway. The design idea is a must-try if you have a minimalistic approach and want to add some modern elements to the space.

#18. Gabion Baskets

Gabion Baskets

The design usually reflects a business setting. However, the gabion basket retaining wall is a great design idea for residential spaces as well.

The open wire design is inexpensive as compared to the modern walls that are made with concrete. Gabion baskets are practical but stylish, giving ample liberty to fill according to one’s aesthetic vision. The wall, however needs a lot of space, which could be a significant drawback of this retaining wall.

#19. Mixed Brick Colors

Mixed Brick Colors

Do you wish for a colorful retaining wall, then check out the mixed brick color design? All you need to do is entwine the bricks of varied colors to create a fun patchwork design. The resultant is attractive to the eye without it standing out excessively.

#20. Boulder Wall

Boulder Wall

If you wish for something solid and reliable, then check out this boulder retaining wall. It is an excellent idea for someone who prefers to use stone as a primary material. The design arranges boulders in a tessellating pattern which gives it a tidy look. Use weathered boulders if you wish to provide the wall with a rustic charm.

#21. Creative Retaining Wall Design

Minimalist lovers should look at this modern, aesthetically designed retaining wall idea. It has sleek lines and smooth textures, which creates a unique wall with a modern vibe. The wall is showy and enhances the style of your outdoor space. The eye-catching design adds a renewed elegance to the area.

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#22. Mixed Materials

Mixed Materials

Those with an artistic flair can try something rare for their retaining wall. Instead of using the same materials, this retaining wall is made by mixing different materials to give the fence an unexpected effect. It is an out-of-the-box design suited for people looking to make something beyond the conventional technique. With this design, you lose on cohesiveness but gain on innovation. Check out this design to create a wall for an ultra-modern space.

#23. Illuminated Retaining Wall

Illuminated Retaining Wall

Adding light to your retaining wall made of either concrete or stone can be a simple way to improve the place’s ambiance. Light also makes your stone wall feel warm. Imagine the effect that the wall will create when you switch on the lights at night. Use a solar light LED when designing this retaining wall to save on power consumption.


The most fantastic-looking retaining walls are not necessarily the most expensive ones.

Finally, it all boils down to your creativity. You can make some stunning retaining walls without incorporating any expensive ideas. The right color, material, and shade selection can make a huge difference in turning your outdoor space into an artistic masterpiece.