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How to Build a Garden Bridge From Pallets – Complete DIY Guide

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Why do you need a garden bridge?

  • Well, to start with, it is beautiful and adds to the charm of your garden.
  • If you have been searching for a focal point for your garden, the garden bridge sorts it out for you.
  • Garden bridges are exciting for kids, helping them cross the risky spots without any fear of injury.
  • And if you have a pond in your garden, then a garden bridge is inevitable, letting you cross the pond without going all the way around.
  • Finally, if your garden has an uneven slope, then the garden bridge ensures a safe walk.

To sum it up, it is a wise idea to introduce a garden bridge. But don’t hurry yet because we have something exciting to share here.

This article promises you a garden bridge without depleting your bank account. Yes, you heard it right! We guide you on how to build a garden bridge with your own hands. With just a few supplies, you can DIY the garden bridge and install it in your garden.

Before You Begin the Construction

Every garden has a different expectation from a garden bridge which is something to be clear about. It makes your task easy and takes care that you do not sway away from the core objective.

  • Will the bridge be used to accommodate young children and the elderly?
  • How often will the bridge be used?
  • What maximum weight is the bridge expected to hold?

Once you are ready with the answers to the above questions, it is time to dig into the construction steps.

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Getting the Pallets Ready

We will be using a pallet to build a garden bridge. Pallets are easy to source and build with. If you have access to reclaimed wood, then collect them and cut them according to your desired width. You may also buy some 2x4s, treated and cut to the correct size.

DIY a Garden Bridge with a Pallet

DIY a Garden Bridge With a Pallet

Follow our steps to create a professional-looking garden bridge.

1. Trim or Clean the High Grasses

Cut out any tall grasses from your work area. Next, clear the sides of the bridge, so there is no hindrance during the construction. A shovel makes this task easy. The soft topsoil should be removed away. Now place a pier block on the cleaned area.

2. Set the Pier Blocks

Place the pier block in the cleared area. It should be set at the end of the beam to give the bridge the maximum height and width. Stainless steel pier blocks are a great alternative to concrete. Stainless steel offers durability. You may also choose aluminum for its stability.

3. Set the Beams

You will need some nails to attach the beams to the pier blocks. Do not fail to shim the beams with the boards. This will make them approximately leveled.

4. Attach the Beams to The Pallet

We will now be attaching the beams to the pallet. The 2x4s outside should flush with the beam. There should be enough room left on both ends to install a 2×6 step.

5. Add a Bridge Rail

Cut two pallets in half. Attach these halves to the deck pallet and the beam with the help of nails. The nails should be driven at the correct angle. This step adds a rail to your garden bridge. Ensure to buy heavy-duty nails to give stability and the right structure to your garden bridge.

6. Attach the 2×6’s

You may have to attach the 2×6 to each end of the beam. This is an optional step. The steps should bear on the beam. It should not be stuck to the bottom of the beam.

7. The Final Touches

Before you declare the garden bridge ready, spray varnish coat everywhere on the bridge. It will prevent the wood from decomposing or getting damaged because of water.

The steps above let you complete a DIY garden bridge built without any professional help. It is a simple technique to create a functional bridge for your garden.

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An Alternative DIY Construction of Garden Bridge

An Alternative DIY Construction of Garden Bridge

If you wish to keep your garden bridge to a minimum, just like a small walkway or to cross a little puddle, then we have a simpler version for you here.

Source the pallets and clean the area where you wish to make the walkway. Once done, here are the steps to follow.

  • Add some garden topsoil for cushioning the planks.
  • Create a level path to let the pallet sit. This will not let your bridge become a tripping zone.
  • Place each board, leaving some cushion along the path. Wiggle them a bit so that they are embedded in the soil and stay in position.

The Extra Cushion Works to Stabilize the Board

  • Keep adding the boards until the path is complete. You may choose to curve or stagger the board as you desire.
  • Push in some soil between the boards to keep them in place. Walk on it once to check for any rocking. If you wish to stabilize it further, then add more soil.
  • Add rocks and some rusty décor to create a vintage effect.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Building a Garden Bridge

Things to Keep in Mind Before Building a Garden Bridge

We are using wooden pellets here. You may thus want to read through these critical pointers to increase the life of your garden bridge.

  • Treated wood is preferable as it does not rot and lasts longer.
  • If your area is prone to termites, then treat the wood regularly with an anti-termite spray. Make sure to construct the bridge away from home.
  • Avoid using the bridge when it rains, especially if you have elders and small children who may be using the pathway. Wet wood is slippery. It thus helps a bit to add sand to the sealer.
  • Embed the board slightly into the soil so that it stays in place. It is always advisable to use thick wood so you can submerge a part of it into the ground.
  • Stabilize the board from underneath and embed it to save the top board from rotting.

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Garden bridges are gaining popularity not just to create an alternate route in the garden but as a garden accent. These work to make the garden functional and, at the same time, give the space a visual boost.

The above steps hand hold you to build a safe walkway in your garden. All that you need is to apply some basic engineering skills to the pallet. The guide lays down the standard construction technique, but you are free to use your imagination and construct a customized bridge to meet your garden’s dimension, design, and practical uses.