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M-D Building Products 49047 20-Inch Tile Cutter

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Known for having a rich history of manufacturing and product development, the M-D Building Products begun in 1920 with its full name, Macklanburg Duncan. Later, it was shortened to the M-D Building Products with a 90-year legend of designing and manufacturing the products.

These products are the industry leaders for a while now as they are exploring in the fields of flooring tools and flooring accessories and the case is not at all different with the Tile Cutters. Committed to the business of manufacturing in the USA, it owns two facilities in Oklahoma and Gainesville respectively.

MD products building 49047 20-inch tile cutter


The M-D Building Products 49047 20-Inch Tile Cutter, mostly used by the contractors for professional purposes is a tile cutter which goes well to cut both the ceramic and porcelain tiles up to 20-inch side square tiles which have a thickness of around 5/8 inches.

Following the score and snap procedure, it also supports the diagonal cutting to an extent. The aluminum base placed for the heavy duty extrusion will be neither chip or break. The steel rails that are chromed along with the ball bearings will help in smooth and linear scoring followed by the hassle-free snapping.


  • Depth. This Tile Cutter comes with an adjustable head which also allows you to make cuts as deep as 5/8 inch thick
  • Ability. Because of the functionality of the blade and the amazing capacity, we can cut around 20 inches of the tile in a go
  • Angles. Several another type of angle cuts and bevel cuts can be made using the tile cutter at various angles, especially when used with the head pivots
  • Motor. A Motor that is equipped with a capacitor along with the bearings will help in resisting the excessive thermal load and also the overload
  • Smooth Cuts. The steel frame that has been embedded is responsible for the precision of the linear bar system and for the smoothness of the cutting operations
  • Reduced Vibrations. Usually we expect that all the flooring tools make unnecessary noises. Just to reduce the vibrations, a heavy duty aluminium base is given which doesn’t chirp or crack or break at all
  • Rails. It also has got the chromed rails and the ball bearing carriage that enables the trouble free movement
  • The tile cutter is easy to use because of the light weight and as well can be stored easily for the same reason
  • Considering the price-performance index, it is the most optimised tile cutter that is available on the market
  • It has got a good grip, excellent power input along with the mandatory safety features
  • The manual that has been provided doesn’t have the exact information on how to use the tool
  • The only major liability is that the sale price is proved to be a bit defective when considered the replacement of such products


The M-D Building Products 49047 20-Inch Tile Cutter is an efficient tile cutter that has received 4/5 star ratings on Amazon based on the 26 customer reviews out of which 65% of them are positive, and 11% of them are extremely critical with the only 1-star rating. The two star, three stars and the four-star varied with 4%, 8%, and 12% simultaneously.

However, if you consider the official website of the M-D Building Products Tile Cutter with a heavy aluminum base, it is given a 4.1/5 rating with 156 customer reviews. That being said, unless until you want to use the Tile Cutter for very professional purposes, it benefits able to use it for all kinds of flooring jobs and household purposes like replacing the tiles, fixing the tiles, chirping the tiles et.al.

Critical Analysis

Talking from the critical point of view, it is revealed that the tile cutter is easy to handle because of the plastic knob with the vice grips on it. However, the increased sophistication in the cutting is brought by the chromed steel rails. However, if you are looking to cut a porcelain tile, it works like nothing less than a spell not only faster but also cleaners.

The diagonal cuts are a bit difficult because of the score lines and snapping of the tiles, and therefore one shall rather prefer the wet saw instead of using this. Also, the expensive tiles are to be handled carefully while cutting them with this tile cutter because of the fence which doesn’t stay rigid at a place no matter how much you’ve tightened the knob.

Customer Reactions

From a detailed analysis of the consumer reviews, you can say that the M-D Building Products 49047 20-Inch Tile Cutter is okay for cutting porcelain tiles of 18″ and below. The first tiles that were cut are not snapping on the line and therefore would spit on their own. It is revealed that the cutter blade was over the snap bar and the fence is not set to the 90 degrees. With these things set, the product is pretty much satisfactory.

You can use this tile cutter to snap the tiles straight along their whole length irrespective of the thickness till 5/8 inches thickness. In case if you have bought the tile cutter to make designer tiles or to cut fashionable tiles, this can work well because of the limited and concentrated work and the customers haven’t shown any dissatisfaction until unless the work is done in bulk. With proper precision, adjustments; this is the best tile you can use for the tile enhancements at smaller scale.​


M-D Building Products 49047 20-Inch Tile Cutter is robust with an extreme level of quality richness about it. One can cut up to 5/8 inches of tiles, especially the porcelain. It makes the tile jobs easy although there are issues with the rotating knob and the steel rails to an extent. But with the price it is offered at, this Tile Cutter is the best, one can get.

Once you’ve used it, you will have an utmost liking towards the product, and the uniqueness lies in scoring the lines on the tiles using different angles and techniques. Got some extra money? It’s time to spend on this splendid tool and decorate your flooring tiles right away.

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