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10 Best Shed Plans & Ideas for Your Backyard

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If you have some space in your backyard, you can site a shed there and create room to store your tools, use it as a workstation, and more. Building a shed in your backyard space is not only functional, but the experience is fun and a great way to bond with loved ones.

Sheds come in different shapes, sizes, and styles, with the option to build a unique style to suit your particular needs. However, building a shed in your backyard without the help of professionals can be demanding, especially for new DIY enthusiasts. It gets even harder with design ideas and plans, as many need help with the right specifications to build their sheds.

We’ve come up with this article to make building easier and help DIY lovers get several design options, consisting of a host of shed ideas and simple plans to follow. The plans come with specific measurements, types of materials, and steps to build the specific shed. The good thing is that you’re not tied to following the plans exactly and can use them as a guide to building that dream shed idea in your head.

Shed Plans and Ideas

You can keep Lawnmowers, bikes, rakes, old gadgets, available tools, and other materials in your shed away from harsh weather that can damage them. Of course, the size of the shed will determine how much you can store in it but building the largest shed is not always the right option.

Before building a shed, you should consider your backyard space, resources, and even the type of materials you want to keep in the store. So, here are some of the best shed ideas with their plans for any DIY lover to follow:

1. Narrow Shed

Narrow Shed
Image Source: Buildeazy

Narrow backyard spaces can do with this narrow shed plan. However, 4 feet deep and 7 feet wide means it is compact but not small. The design seeks to utilize the small area while providing a large enough space to store your tools. Its double door allows access to all the areas of the shed.

Using lumber with varying natural colors creates a unique blend of colors. Building this design requires an intermediate skill level with enough lumber, considering that it constitutes most of the materials required. This plan is off the ground and uses a raised deck that keeps the shed away from flowing water but requires more lumber to make the floor.

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2. Compact Cedar Lean-to Shed

Compact Cedar Lean-to Shed
Image Source: ana-white

Lean-to-sheds utilize the support of a bigger wall which will save resources. This lean-to-shed design has its back against the main building wall, with double doors providing access to the full shed area. It is made from cedar in its natural wood color, which leaves the design looking clean and attractive.

The design is compact and ideal for small spaces to store garden tools and kid bikes. Preparing the floor involves using concrete to keep water from the shed and provide a hard and clean shed floor area.

The roofing may cost a considerable amount to purchase, but it makes the design classy, especially when the shed roof is similar to the roof on the main building.

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3. 10 x 12 Gambrel Roof Shed

10 x 12 Gambrel Roof Shed
Image Source: construct101

Gambrel roofs are unique and leave a lot more space inside the shed. You can utilize the extra space at the top by making a loft in a shed. This plan features a large shed design 10 feet deep and 12 feet wide to accommodate large garden equipment and tools. The giant double doors in front make it easy to access all the areas inside the shed.

A fascinating feature of this gambrel shed is that you can move it. It is not permanently fixed, and you can change its position in the future or even move it to your new backyard when moving homes. Its movability makes it highly valuable as a long-term investment. The plan contains all the specifications to build a befitting gambrel roof shed.

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4. Small Standalone Shed

Small Standalone Shed
Image Source: Ana white

This small shed looks like a wardrobe, but it is a small shed. Its bright natural wood color easily catches the eye, while the large black door hinges, handles, and bolt provides contrast.

The slanting roof directs water backward, but the roof area is small, so rain will typically touch its sides and front. You’ll need all parts to fit snugly against each other to prevent water from entering the shed.

Garden sheds can serve several purposes and do not always have to be for storing tools. For example, you can use the shed as an outdoor smokehouse with a wood stove piped through the back. However you choose to use this small shed, you’ll find a lot of value in it as it doesn’t take up a lot of space, features a clean design, and is relatively easy to build with the right plan. So here’s the right plan to follow:

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5. Closed and Open Shed Design

Closed and Open Shed Design
Image Source: imgur

If you have a large garden area to spare for your shed, building this double shed will prove a masterstroke with its closed and open Shed design. One section features a closed area capable of accommodating large garden tools, with double doors providing access.

The open area next to the first section features a roof and wooden posts. All the sides are open except the wall of the closed section. Open areas like this are perfect for storing materials where protection against harsh weather and enough speculation are important.

Even though this is a large shed design, apart from the roof, you will only need to use a few materials to build it since a section is open. Building this design will require a lot of time, especially if you don’t have enough helping hands. However, the final result will prove to be worth the extra effort.

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6. Adorable Shed With Pitch Roof

Adorable Shed With Pitch Roof
Image Source: Instructables

This adorable compact shed attracts attention due to its attractive design and splendid painting, highlighting the shape of the shed. The shed does not need a foundation, but you’ll need to build a deck to raise the floor above the ground and provide a stable floor inside the shed.

Its pitch roof design is one of the most popular roof styles for sheds due to its simplicity. The ramp in front of the doors makes it easy to roll garden tools into the shed.

The choice of painting depends on your style, with bright-colored paints the go-to hue if you want to draw attention to the shed.

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7. My Cute Little DIY Garden Shed

My Cute Little DIY Garden Shed
Image Source: Acultivatednest

You do not have to be limited by traditional garden shed designs, as you can make a unique shed with the most unlikely materials. This upcycled shed is made from materials around the house, like old doors, windows, and more. The shed’s roof is made of two windows set in a pitch roof style, while the sides are old doors attached to form a box.

Its narrow shape means you can only store a few tools like takes, shovels, spades, and other small garden equipment. The glass door with a wooden frame makes it even more exquisite as it adorns the corner of your yard. The type of paint you choose should match your style with the white preferred in this plan due to its sharpness and natural blend with the glass door and roof.

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8. Large Drive-Through Shed

Large Drive-Through Shed
Image Source: Extremehowto

Building this larger shed design will be at the top of the list if you’re looking for a place to store large garden machines like riding mowers and tractors. The shed features a gambrel roof fyke which further improves the space at the top and allows you to store big machines and tools.

Due to the nature of this shed and the type of materials it intends to store, two large doors to provide easy access are essential. You can go further by providing another double door at the back to drive in and out of the shed without having to reverse.

The size of the shed requires posts to be firmly in the ground to improve stability. Wood sheets cover the frame leaving a clean look that you can paint your favorite colors or leave in its natural wood hue.

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9. Board and Batten Shed With Pitch Roof

Board and Batten Shed With Pitch Roof
Image Source: buildeazy

The design is 7 feet wide and 8 feet deep, with the apex 9 feet high. The board and batten design with black paint create a look that blends into the surroundings rather than stands out. Such designs are perfect when you want to avoid taking off the attention of other garden features, like your attractive raised bed.

The shed is set on skids, so you can relocate it to a different location without damaging the shed. This movable feature immediately puts it ahead of many other shed designs, as you can continue to use the shed for a long time.

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10. 8 x 10 Storage Shed

8 x 10 Storage Shed
Image Source: Buildeazy

If you’re looking for a simple storage shed to build without the added stress of fancy designs and fittings, this 8 x 10 feet shed should be at the top of your mind. A woodworker with minimal experience can complete the shed by following the plan attached.

It is 8 feet wide and 10 feet deep with a single door in front, which may mean less access to all the corners of the shed, but it enhances its simplicity and makes it easy to build.

The shed is on a stable deck on flat land, so it is not disturbed by water.

A rack in front of the door makes it easy to roll heavy tools into the storage shed. Paint the board the color of your choice; however, some colors will match the surrounding area better.

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Final Thoughts

As a DIY enthusiast, building a garden shed in your backyard brings satisfaction and usefulness as you get a space to store your garden tools and machines, depending on the size. With so many options available, you can select a plan that suits your needs the most.

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