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9 Creative DIY Spice Rack Plans for Your Kitchen

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Making racks for your spices is a fun way to beautify your kitchen and provide space for your spices. This way, you can easily reach all your spices with the organization.

Simple adjustments like putting all your spices in place can create a huge difference in the way you cook and the look of your kitchen. If you have a huge collection of spices like most people, organizing them is a priority, so it is easy to find the right.

Buying a spice rack is no fun and can be pretty expensive. However, making a DIY option allows you to build custom specifications for your spices that’ll not only organize but beautify the area.

You can save some money and build the perfect rack if you put in some effort. A bonus tip to make this a memorable task; build with family, so it’s faster and more fun.

Spice racks can be different from the traditional rack design, as you can get creative by building something memorable. To get creative stimulation and guidance, we’ve compiled some truly impressive designs with a concise plan for anybody to follow.

DIY Spice Rack

Building a spice rack from scratch without guidance can be challenging for many, which is why a spice rack design collection like this is essential. The collection consists of various plans with varying degrees of difficulty and sophistication.

1. Space-Saving Magnetic Rack

Space-Saving Magnetic Rack
Image Source: Instructables

This design features cans held by magnetic material to a thin sheet that you can place anywhere in your kitchen, including vertically. Of course, you’ll need several tins for your spices, JB weld steel and hardener, and spice labels.

The good thing about this design is that you can save space by vertically storing your spices on the fridge door or with a sheet on the wall.

Building this rack is easy as it only deals with setting the magnetic material in place for the tins to stick to and placing the labels, so it is easy to read them no matter the position you place the spice. Having a clean arrangement will enhance the beauty of this simple magnetic spice rack.

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2. Door Spice Rack

Door Spice Rack
Image Source: Ana white

Build a rack on your kitchen or store door for your spices and save space in your kitchen. The door holds the spices from behind, and you only need to build a simple shelf to hold them together.

Next, build and attach to your door to stay organized. Some of the materials and tools you’ll need for this task are boards, dowels and their buttons, plywood, drill bits, and more.

You can get the specification for this door rack in the plan attached with the correct measurements and the full materials list. The plan is beginner-friendly, while the finishing you choose to implement should complement the door in style and color to ensure the spice rack doesn’t look out of place.

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3. Simple Wall Spice Rack

Simple Wall Spice Rack
Image Source: instructables

Choose this design if you’re looking for a simple wall spice rack to attach to doors. The rack is compact but can accommodate a lot of spices due to the number of shelves on the rack. 

You’ll require a table saw or router, chisel, band saw, glue, stain and finish, and wood. Getting the measurements right is the first step to building this spice rack; otherwise, you have a straightforward design.

Attach wood at the shelves’ base, so the spices stay on. After cutting the right dimensions of the wood, all left is to assemble the parts and hold them together using nails with wood putty to cover any visible name holes.

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4. Standing Spice Rack Organiser

Standing Spice Rack Organiser
Image Source: instructables

Here is a freestanding design for your kitchen spice rack with several layers with reducing area from the ground up. You’ll require more kitchen room for this rack since you will typically keep it on the ground with its large shelves taking up space. You’ll require a table saw, sander, glue, pin nailer, oak post, and an oak hobby board.

The single oak post will carry the shelves you’ll cut from the oak hobby board. The shelves come in decreasing sizes from the ground up. You’ll also require a small hobby board for the bottom of the post to help with stability. Finally, sand the rack parts before attaching them to the post. Again, finishing with your desired look is essential.

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5. Hidden Spice Rack

Hidden Spice Rack
Image Source: Instructables

Sometimes, you may desire to have your spices out of sight to keep your kitchen clean and decluttered. A hidden spice rack would be perfect in cases like this, where you want to keep the spices organized but away from your faces for a hike. The design is a standing rack with several shelves and protection to keep the spices from falling.

To make it even more accessible, you can pick up your spices from both sides of the rack. You’ll need a sander, drill, table saw, spray paint 2 x 4″, and four small wheels.

The wheels make it easier to drag the rack out and return it to its hidden location after using the spice. Choose a paint hue that matches the tone in your kitchen so the design blends and doesn’t look out of place.

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6. Triangular Concrete Spice Rack

Triangular Concrete Spice Rack
Image Source: instructables

Away from wood to this concrete design for holding your spices in one place. This is a unique design that involves using molds to get the shape and size of the rack. The rack is heavy, which is no surprise considering it is made from concrete.

You can use cement and sand or utilize an immediate concrete mix. With as many racks as possible, you have room to store all your spices. One of the downsides here is that you’ll need a lot of table space to keep the racks.

You’ll have to purchase the correct spice container that fits into the rack holes. This design is perfect when storing a few spices against tens of different containers where you’ll need to make a lot of concrete racks to house them all. One way of making a mold for your concrete is by using cartons and building a mold.

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7. Stylish Wall Spice Rack With Cover

Stylish Wall Spice Rack With Cover
Image Source: Sawsonskates

Here is a stylish rack design you can mount on your wall to store spices. It is a beginner-level DIY rack plan with an impressive finish and a chicken wire door, so you can see the spices without opening the door. The white paint further enhances the appeal of this kitchen rack. With its four shelves, you should store up to 35 spice jars, depending on their sizes.

The good thing here is that you only need basic tools like the Kreg jig, drill, miter saw, and sandpaper to build this DIY design. Pine wood is favorable since it is inexpensive and easy to stain.

However, you can make it even more attractive when you utilize a different wood type for the shelves and only stain it to keep it looking different.

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8. Beneath the Cabinet Rack

Beneath the Cabinet Rack
Image Source: Beneathmyheart

The space under a hanging cabinet is often neglected but can provide the necessary area for your DIY spice rack. This design is especially vital where there is only a little ground or table room to carry your spices.

You can attach a rack under your cabinet to utilize the space and create a unique spice location you can easily reach when cooking. It is perfect for storing frequently used spices as it can only carry some of your spices if you have a lot.

The design is a staircase pattern with three stairs to carry more than 15 spice jars, depending on their sizes. The finish for this rack is just as important as its build because you have to match it with the cabinet, at least in color, if you cannot match its design. Matching the rack and the cabinet ensures the rack doesn’t look like an afterthought, even if it is.

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9. Criss Cross Spice Rack

Criss Cross Spice Rack
Image Source: Anikasdiylife

You can move away from traditional designs with this crisscross spice design, similar to wine racks featuring colorful spice jar tops. The idea comes with different sections that can help you better segment your spices and make them easy to find.

Aside from the organization this rack brings, it is also a great way to showcase your creativity. The design looks like different strips joined together to form a single rack.

The good thing about this design is that you can mount it on a wall, keep it on a table, and it can be kept in a vertical or horizontal position.

The variations are too many, helping you get the best out of your situation while using an impressive source rack. It would help if you had a single wooden board to build this and other tools like nails, cutting materials, and finishing or staining.

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Build the spice rack of your dream by following any of the above guides with clear plans that describe the idea and show all the materials, tools, and measurements you need.

You do not have to scatter spice jars all over your kitchen and spend minutes looking for a particular spice when cooking. You can organize it with a befitting spice rack.

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