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13 Simple DIY Kitchen Cabinet Plans

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Are you tired of seeing the same old, lackluster kitchen cabinets every day? Then you are in the right place.

Today, I am going to cover some amazing DIY kitchen cabinet plans that aren’t just simple to make but also elegant while at the same time will cost you much less than hiring professionals for the job.

Plus, the goal is to keep them simple so even if you are just a hobbyist or a first-timer, you should be able to nail these.

13 Simple DIY kitchen cabinet plans with images

So, unlock your garage, put on your DIY gear, gather your woodworking tools and let’s dig right into making that kitchen eye-catching again.

1. Touch up the old cabinets

Touch up the old cabinets

If you like your cabinets and don’t want to make wholesome changes as you have used high-quality wood, a touch-up is all that it needs.

All you have to do is unscrew the doors and hinges, remove the handles and give everything a good wipe to remove any dust and dirt particles. A damp cloth or cleaning solution should do the trick.

Paint the cabinets. I currently have a grey frame with maroon door and grey handles that goes really well with my black granite countertop. Similarly, you can paint the doors and frames based on your preference.

Just make sure you give everything ample time to dry before putting it back.

2. The budget cabinets

The budget cabinets

Did you know that you can get all-new kitchen cabinets for less than $200? Intrigued? Well, these cabinets aren’t just cheap but also ideal for beginners who haven’t used saws and drills too much as it needs just a table saw. And that’s only for cutting the tiles, grooves, and rails.

Oh, and it is pretty fancy and durable as well (because cheap doesn’t always have to be shabby and weak). What makes it fancy are the pastel colors used to paint the cabinet doors.

The more creative you get with the colors, the more attractive it will look so let the artist in you lose.

3. The minimalist kitchen cabinets

The minimalist kitchen cabinets

Are you a minimalist? Or maybe you just want easy-to-access kitchen cabinets that allow you to grab onto things while on the move. Either way, these are just the kitchen cabinets for you mainly because of their open design.

Yup not having doors does not just give you quick access but also reduces cost and time. This idea also works as an upgrade on older cabinets as you will only have to take off the doors and hinges, prime the frame and repaint it. Go for an exciting texture or pattern to make it eye-catching.

4. Kitchen cabinet with wooden pallets

Kitchen cabinet with wooden pallets

I love cheap ideas and this is another one of those. But that’s not all. Since this is made out of recycled wooden pallets, it is also the most eco-friendly idea on the list.

Furthermore, pallets are available in multiple designs, patterns, and shades so you can pick and choose something that matches the decor of your house.

Once you know the pattern and shade, you’ll need some basic tools to get the job done like an impact driver, jigsaw, circular saw, L-Square, and so on. Get the complete list of tools here.

Just make sure you sand the paint on the cabinets before hanging them. You can also leave a couple of them open along with hooks for mugs, and serving spoons as it gives you additional storage options.

5. The Barn-like Kitchen Cabinet

The Barn-like Kitchen Cabinet

If you have straight wooden boards lying around the house and you need additional storage space in the kitchen, we have you covered with this barn-like kitchen cabinet idea. The reason for its name is its design.

I love it with sliding doors as it gives a touch of fancy but you can make regular doors as well if you are on a tighter budget. Furthermore adding to the look and feel are the rustic colors.

It is also one for beginners as it doesn’t require too many saws and drills. Just a nail gun, some paint, and voila, you’ll have a whole new cabinet in just a few hours.

6. Create more storage in cabinets

Create more storage in cabinets

Are you planning an overhaul because you keep running out of space in your kitchen? Well, I am just about to save you a world of trouble because guess what, you can always create more space.

And one of the best ways to do so is to organize the cabinets in the right way. For example, you can have all your pans, and plates in one cabinet and glasses in the other. Also, consider getting a spice box.

You can also drill a few hooks into the cupboards for cups, mugs, and serving spoons. Another great and often unutilized space is that under your kitchen sink. Yes, under-sink cabinets can hold cleaning materials, spray bottles, and so on.

7. Antique kitchen cabinets

Antique kitchen cabinets

Love it when it is vintage? You are in the right place. It is pretty easy to do this and the best part, it works with your existing cabinets.

Just paint them as you would normally and then distress them. For that, create scratches on the cabinets using sandpapers of different grits.

After this, clean the cabinets of the residue using a blower and glaze and seal the cupboard with a quality sealant and protectant. It takes about 24-hours for this to dry but you can leave longer just to be sure.

Also, don’t over-scratch the cabinets. Check out the video below to see how it is done correctly.

8. Kitchen Cabinets on the Ceiling

Have a small kitchen with little room for walled cabinets? Well, time to put the ceiling to good use with these ceiling kitchen cabinets that use up the space between the current cabinets and the ceiling.

Not only do you get additional storage but your kitchen looks bigger and higher. Just make sure you get the right measurements and add limited cupboards to prevent overcrowding (because nobody likes a hotch-potch, clustered kitchen).

I’d also recommend leaving these cupboards open so you can easily access the items. Adding LED lights will also give you a clear view of what’s inside while crown molding will help it blend with the decor of the house.

This idea is one for the experts. Check out the whole plan at ThriftyDecorChick

9. Trash Can Cabinet

Trash Can Cabinet

Do you hate looking at the dirty, filthy trash can as you cook? It doesn’t have to be that way. Now keep your trash can hidden in plain sight with this pull-out trash can cabinet idea.

When creating this make sure you get the measurements spot-on and get a trash can that fits those measurements (measure twice or thrice if you have to). That’s because you want the pull-out to be smooth.

You will also need a jigsaw and a table saw (so make sure you are accustomed to using these tools) along with plywood panels, glue, and other components and hardware needed for the task. You can get all the details regarding that at Instructables.

10. The vegetable and fruit cabinet

The vegetable and fruit cabinet

Not all vegetables and fruits need to be refrigerated and fruit baskets are just too small to store them all. Plus, where do you put the onions, garlic, etc? Well, these cabinets solve that problem.

You can even use these for oil cans or other canned vegetables. And creating these cabinets is easy peasy as it can be done without fancy equipment and tools.

All you need is some molding, beadboards or sideboards, plywood, and mainly some chicken wire or wire mesh along with staples to attach to the wooden cabinets. The mesh allows for air circulation ensuring your fruits and veggies last you long.

You can even keep them outside of the kitchen like on the balcony or the yard as long as it is away from pests and direct sunlight.

11. The Easy-to-Access Cabinet

The Easy-to-Access Cabinet

Are you short and hate it when you can’t reach the back of the kitchen cabinet to grab the salt cellar or the spices? Then you are going to love this corner cabinet idea that can be placed in the smallest of areas of the kitchen without having to be walled.

All you need for this is some plywood, wood glue, sandpaper, 2x4s, a table saw, brad nailer, and Kreg jig, all of which should cost you less than $100. Cut the wood based on the measurements of the space available in the kitchen.

Since it is compact and lightweight, you should have no trouble moving it around as well (ideal for people with rented accommodations).

12. Apothecary Style Kitchen Cabinets

Apothecary Style Kitchen Cabinets

Another great idea for those short on space. These small drawers will also help you organize your kitchen better as you can have a separate space for the spices, the spoons & forks, bowls, etc.

If you need slightly bigger drawers, you can have 2 big drawers at the bottom rather than multiple drawers. You can even leave these drawers open and fit in pans or kitchen appliances like an oven.

Get creative with the design and colors to make it attractive. You can even make it rustic or go with prefinished plywood to give it a modern touch.

13. The Refrigerator cabinet

The Refrigerator cabinet

Think your fridge is taking way too much space? Then this cabinet is just what the doctor ordered as it allows you to neatly tuck away the fridge and hide it in plain sight. Not just that, you no longer have to worry about wires and power points spoiling the decor either.

This also helps blend the fridge and make it look like a part of the kitchen. If you utilize the space on top of your fridge, feel free to keep it open. Also, make sure you leave ample room at the back for air circulation.

This is also pretty easy and pocket-friendly to make so anyone and everyone with a big, bulky fridge can try it.

A Final Say

Well, those are all the DIY kitchen cabinet ideas I love. These ideas are relatively easy, require basic tools any hobbyist or professional would already have at home and are pocket-friendly as well. Most of these ideas will cost you less than $100.

In case you are struggling with any of these ideas and the videos and plans don’t seem to help, you can get in touch with me via the comments or the contact page and I’ll help you out.

You can also send in your kitchen cabinet ideas along with photos and if I like them, I’ll even feature them on the post.

Till then, happy DIYing.

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