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15 DIY Teardrop Trailer Plans: Cheap and Cost-Effective

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 Going camping is one of the best holiday activities to indulge in. You get to observe nature and spend some much-needed quality time with family or friends. Guess what? A teardrop trailer is one of the coolest ways to make your camping experience all the more pleasant. 

Unfortunately, teardrop caravans can cost anywhere between $5,000-$20,000, depending on size. But thankfully, you can build your own teardrop trailer for much lesser money, with more control over its aesthetics, functionality, and usability. 

To help you construct a fully personalized teardrop trailer and save up on money, we have listed 15 DIY teardrop trailer plans to choose from. 

15 DIY Teardrop Trailer Plans

1. Pico-Light Teardrop Trailer

Pico-Light Teardrop Trailer

This small, light teardrop trailer has been built keeping in mind smaller tow vehicles, including motorcycles. Since the plan aimed to make the trailer easily carriable, it only uses single-skin construction techniques throughout. Weighing 280lb, this trailer is only meant to be used for the original purpose. It has no scope for other uses like collecting scrap batteries (yes, that happens!). 

To make it light, the trailer is quite small in size, such that the people inside have to sit with their heads touching the roof. Even the length of the trailer is not much longer than the bed. All in all, considering the size of this trailer, it can fit a maximum of two people with a bearable comfort level. 

The trailer has no galley and hatches at the back to reduce its weight. However, you can add a galley into the kitchen camp box inside the trailer if required. 

It may seem that the small size will prevent you from storing camping essentials. Contrastingly, the trailer has a large shelf perched at the foot of your bed, allowing you to store a chunk of camping gear.

The only drawback to this plan is that it has not been prototyped, and some people might find it claustrophobic. 

2. Cheap Teardrop Trailer

Cheap Teardrop Trailer

Built under $500, this teardrop trailer is cheaper than any other that you will find on the internet. It has a removable galley for easy loading and two doors and can fit a 4×8 bed. To stay within the budget, you should create blueprints on SketchUp and plan everything from start to end.

The roof of the trailer is made from luan and is strong enough to insulate the trailer from the heat or cold. However, luan needs to go through an intensive process of sanding, laminating, and painting for it to become weatherproof. Thus, you must go for aluminium or fibreglass if you can stretch your budget by a little. 

The galley has a few cupboards and acts as a basic counter. It has been installed to be removed easily to make access to the main compartment effortless. However, making the galley is challenging, and you should avoid it if you are not skilled at woodworking. 

The trailer showcases a painting of the mountains, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Work on it alone or with a partner to get a basic, low-cost DIY teardrop trailer. 

3. Retro-Inspired Teardrop Trailer

Retro-Inspired Teardrop Trailer

This lightweight shelter has many amenities along with utility and style. It is 4’x7′ in size, and the materials and measurements of the plan follow these dimensions. This plan even allows you to work around a used trailer and has listed steps for it. 

The most crucial step while building this trailer is cutting the back wall. Thus it is recommended to be extra attentive to this aspect. Other than that, you can tweak the steps to meet your specific requirements. 

This trailer has two doors made out of aluminium on the left and right sides. These doors have been inserted with pre-fabricated windows that slide open halfway and have screens to keep the bugs out. 

Furnished with counters, cabinets, drawers, and taillights, this camper will make your experience as comfortable as possible. 

4. Basic Teardrop Trailer 

Basic Teardrop Trailer 

The interior of this teardrop trailer has a sleeping area and a galley kitchen that is accessible from the back. This compact trailer is environmentally and economically friendly since it is aerodynamic and lightweight and can be readily hauled by a car. It is also pretty simple to construct for a low cost.

The foundation of this trailer is 5×8, and its floor has been built using poplar and birch plywood planks. Furthermore, insulation is added to this trailer to keep it warm even during the winters. 

Unlike most trailers, the galley and cabinets for this one were built separately and later attached to the caravan. Even better, the layers of epoxy as finishing give the trailer a sleek and modern appearance. Thus, allowing you to travel in comfort and style. 

5. DIY Trailer for Two 

DIY Trailer for Two

This 10-foot tourer can go everywhere a vehicle can go. It has a kitchenette that is accessible with minimal hassle by raising the hood, adding to the convenience of using a trailer. There’s even space for an icebox, a water tank, a folding table, and a raft of food under the same hood.

The trailer can fit in a full-length mattress that you can access through the door. You even have the option to get some fresh air while sleeping if it gets too stuffy. Simply open the screened-in panels on the doors.

You have plenty of sitting headroom and storage space for clothes inside this trailer. To add to that, there’s even an electric light inside for reading in bed. 

6. Grumman 2 XL Teardrop 

Grumman 2 XL Teardrop 

Besides being spacious and good-looking, this trailer also consists of some features which can be considered luxurious when it comes to caravans. It has an enormous amount of storage space, ranging from the front to the back. Some of this storage space includes a hanging closet and a laundry hamper. 

Besides the extensive storage, it has an impressive gallery with a sink, cupboards, speakers, power, USB, and even a cooler. The interiors are no less! It has a television and two slide-out surfaces that act as workstations. You even have space for a radio or DVD player below the television. 

Considering the luxurious features this trail has, the cost of making it is substantially high, and you will need to devote a good time to it. 

7. Little Thing’s DIY Teardrop Trailer

Little Thing's DIY Teardrop Trailer

This plan helps build a basic DIY trailer and gives some important tips like:

  • Leave the wheel guards off to allow the platform of the trailer to extend past the wheels
  • The foundation of the trailer should be far away from the tires
  • Add insulation to the base of your trailer

Other than these tips, this trailer makes an interesting choice due to the plexiglass ceiling. The plexiglass gives a clear view of the night sky, allowing campers to have an absolutely dazzling stargazing experience.  

To keep bugs away from the trailer, you can use the burning technique on it. Remember to even choose a reliable water sealant and protector for the exterior wood.  

8. Cedar Beams DIY Teardrop Trailer

Cedar Beams DIY Teardrop Trailer

This project took a year and a half for the owner to complete, but that was because he worked sporadically. 

Built using 2×6 lumber, this trailer has insulation on the floor and extra storage space. 

There’s a lot of sticking involved in this particular project, for which gorilla glue (read how to remove gorilla glue from your skin) is recommended. Even better, the ceiling of this trailer has a star view window. Not to mention, the owner has added a tri-fold mattress into the trailer that can act as a sofa or bed whenever required. 

The galley has some basic drawers and cabinets and is weather-tight. However, building it is a little tricky. You may take time building this trailer, but the sofa, galley, and star-view window ceilings make it worth the effort. 

9. DIY Teardrop Travel Trailer

DIY Teardrop Travel Trailer

This detailed tutorial teaches you how to build a trailer without welding. Since trailers are really small, this plan has added a cargo compartment under the floor and between the crosspieces of the trailer to economize on space. 

There is a small cabinet that will be overhead for the sleepers. The interior even has LED lights with a switch. To have a longer sleeping area, the owner of the plan built a box on top of the countertop and on the side to keep the electrical box. 

A water-resistant type of hinge is used for the galley hatch to prevent water from running inside the hinge. To prevent hatches from springing out after the trailer is built, run your ribs vertically instead of horizontally. 

You can add some extra fittings to this trailer, like iPad brackets, hooks, or fenders, to intensify the overall appeal. 

10. Teardrop DIY Trailer from Scratch

Teardrop DIY Trailer from Scratch

This trailer has worked well on insulation and repelling insects. It has installed an R5 foam board to insulate the spaces between the framing. At the same time, the cracks were sealed with spray foam insulation to keep insects outside. 

With a footprint of roughly 4×6 feet, this trailer is comfortable for sleeping, but it makes you want to get out too. 

The foam mattress placed in the trailer is large enough to comfortably accommodate two people, and it is accessible from 18-by-26-inch doors on either side. These doors have windows to allow light and soft winds to come in. 

The galley at the back acts as a flat, clean surface to cook and eat on. It contains different amenities like a fridge, sink, and storage area. 

Lastly, this trailer has a rooftop tent to accommodate more people when needed. 

11. Beautiful DIY Teardrop Trailer

Beautiful DIY Teardrop Trailer

This hand-built teardrop trailer has a 4′ x 8′ dimension and is made mainly using plywood. It has a completed galley with custom shelving, power outlets, and plenty of storage for all camping essentials. 

The interior looks good too and has room to let two people sleep comfortably. It can even fit in a folding table, windows, reading lights, and more. 

Easily towable and lightweight, this teardrop trailer is surely going to enhance your camping experience. 

12. Aluminium Teardrop Trailer

Aluminium Teardrop Trailer

The trailer used for this project was one for hauling All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). The entire teardrop trailer weighs 1400 lbs when finished and can easily handle rough roads and bad weather conditions. 

The trailer is 6 ft in width and has a length of 15 ft from tongue to tail. The sleeping area is over 7 ft, meaning it provides plenty of space for tall people too. 

One of the most important steps while building this trailer is to eliminate any existing rust and prime and paint the whole structure. The aluminium work can be a little challenging, but beginners can manage it as the plan’ owner was working with metal for the first time too. 

The interior is well furnished with a vent fan, ceiling lights, smoke alarm, reading light, and gallery shelf. Even the galley of this trailer is feature-loaded and has some unique utilities like AC/DC power unit, audio system, and speakers. 

Whether you want to travel or camp over a weekend or for more time, this trailer will provide you with all the necessary facilities. 

13. Trailer with Kids Bunk

Trailer with Kids Bunk

The plan aimed at making a DIY teardrop trailer within $1500-$2000, which would be 700 lbs in weight. This trailer has some unique features like a vent, porch lights, and stove. A few tools required to build it are:

  • Wireless drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Chop saw
  • Table saw
  • Sander
  • Belt sander

You have a breakdown of the budget consisting of the list of materials and tools to ensure you stay within the budget. It took the owner around 30 days to finish the project, but that is because the owner worked inconsistently. If you can give more time to it, you can probably finish it sooner.

The kitchenette in the galley has a pegboard for convenience in storage. Whereas the stove is connected to a propane cylinder, and there’s a system to collect used water in the greywater container below the trailer. 

This is a great option for camping with kids since it can fit your children in the attached bunk beds. 

14. DIY Teardrop Camper Made from Wood

DIY Teardrop Camper Made from Wood

This teardrop trailer has been inspired by an expensive design on the internet. To emulate it, the trailer has mainly made use of wood to construct the basic structure. 

It has been insulated using Styrofoam insulation that helps fill the space between the exterior and interior wall. To insulate well, it is important to have a frame around the side pieces. 

One striking feature about this caravan is that it has solar panels. These solar panels lay flat against the outside of the teardrop and have wires running down through holes in the battery box to the charge controller. 

You can design the interior to match your taste. For example, the owner of the plan spent a fortune on the custom futon.

15. DIY Handy Teardrop Trailer

DIY Handy Teardrop Trailer

We’ll give this handcrafted teardrop camper model a high rating for its unique designs and features. A 4’x8′ harbour freight trailer is used, which is supported by a sturdy wood floor out of plywood. 

Insulation is achieved by sandwiching the foam while the doors and windows have been cut through the design template provided in the plan. 

There are storage cabins along with a bed, and other high-end items, all of which are covered with aluminium. Keep in mind, this is one of the greatest teardrop trailers for home construction DIYers.


The teardrop camper is small and light, and it can comfortably sleep two people at least. Its low weight and aerodynamic form allow it to flow behind most vehicles with little resistance, and some individuals have even constructed far smaller teardrops to pull behind motorbikes. Building one from the ground up, on the other hand, can save you thousands of dollars.

While the teardrop camper has its benefits, it also has its drawbacks. Most are not meant to stand upright in, they have little storage room, and you’ll be doing a lot of your cooking out of the back hatch, which means the weather can play a role in meal preparation.

However, building and using one is a rewarding experience for passionate campers.

Bonus Tip: You will need a drill for almost all of these plans. Check out these reviews for the best drills.

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