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15 Free DIY Wooden Box Plans And Designs Ideas

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Want to build a wooden box but are sick of seeing rudimentary, tattered plans? This article will cover it for you! It designed the best DIY Wooden Box Plans because it is aware of the difficulty and wants to enable you to produce a polished and professional result.

This article ensured that all the necessary information would be available by providing you with various excellent and simple instructions on making a wooden box. This post offers a variety of free DIY wooden box designs to assist you in learning all the fundamentals of carpentry.

The countless models and designs used to fill the stomach are where DIY wooden box plans appear. To learn what it takes to construct a high-quality box (or crate), construct one individually or practice doing everything. It is simple, but it can become arduous if you need to know what to look for. Making your wooden boxes is no longer a challenge with these simple DIY designs!

15 Free DIY Wooden Box Plans And Designs Ideas

Get creative with your wooden box designs so you may decorate your home and inspire your kids to participate in this hobby. The list includes a purpose and a variety of plans.

1. Wooden Crate

Wooden Crate

Even though many people seem to be more accustomed to utilizing cardboard boxes, some people are reverting to more traditional methods. They are learning how to manufacture crates out of wood. Anyone interested in learning how to accomplish this should try this DIY. It is simpler to keep their belongings and move them about when they are in a container. Heavy boxes don’t have to be a challenge to carry anymore.

You can create an antique relic of the past in the form of crates with the help of DIY Wooden crates for Food, Books, and other things. Additionally, you may choose whether your final product will be large or tiny. The crate may be used to decorate bookcases and other areas of your house so that your belongings are kept in order.

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2. Wooden Toy Box

Wooden Toy Box

Make a toy box that will keep your child’s toys tidy and provide your child’s room with a ton of extra storage space. With this do-it-yourself wooden play container, your child’s access to toys, art equipment, and books will be more straightforward and effective. Do you have a problem with toy monsters at home?

With three smaller sections instead of one large box, this DIY wooden toy bin will help you organize your child’s toys. Because of this layout, it will be much simpler for your youngster to locate a particular item without disorganizing the entire box.

You don’t have to spend money on something you can make yourself! It is simple to collapse without any equipment, multifunctional, and long-lasting.

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3. Wooden keepsake Box

Wooden keepsake Box

They start with a lovely little box intended to serve as both a decorative and a functional object. The lid of this box made by woodshop Diaries is simple to put on and take off. Thanks to the maker, small objects may be placed within with this simplicity. It can be to store something precious within or to keep a shelf more orderly. The lid can be customized depending on the name or significance you want to give the box.

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4. Wooden Vegetable keeper

Wooden Vegetable keeper

Anyone looking to make storage boxes that are both attractive and useful should check out the Vegetable Storage Box project. The outcome is a stylishly displayed clear food container of the highest caliber intended to store fresh vegetables. This unusual-looking vegetable storage box will be inexpensive since you can use any leftover scrap wood. You and your kids may collaborate on this project!

It is a quick, low-cost project with essential tools and supplies that can be completed in a few hours. By using this box, you can always have access to your vegetables and increase the kids’ accessibility to them. When you want a snack, save time looking for spoons and dishes for each vegetable.

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5. Wooden Centerpiece

Wooden Centerpiece

You’ll have a great time working on this project and see why we called this wooden box centerpiece the DIY Wood Box Crackle Centerpiece. The glaze and paint combination you decide to employ has quick-drying qualities, which is why. Each board must first receive a coat of cast iron paint, which must cure for around 20 minutes. Then, add two coats of cast iron paint after dipping a roller into your preferred glaze and rolling it over the boards twiceRepeat this process once more, then allow everything to dry once more. Everybody would love to get this wooden centerpiece box. Your kitchen will look much better and benefit significantly from this addition.

This centerpiece design has a lot of appealing aspects. It looks great as decoration in any house room, has a nice appearance, and is durable. If you opt to utilize it elsewhere, it will provide personality and intrigue to that location. You can construct your own DIY wooden box centerpiece in only a few hours.

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6. Wooden Handmade Bookshelf

Wooden Handmade Bookshelf

Although the boxes in the image hold records, they may be used for anything. These are stackable, which adds to the fun element. Nevertheless, you can construct more or fewer, depending on what you intend to place inside and how you want to stack them. Make sure that, for safety reasons, if you stack them much higher, they are either fastened, glued, or somehow secured to the wall.

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7. Wooden Candle Stand

Wooden Candle Stand

Any home will be more charming with these rustic candle holders. All you need for this simple DIY project are some leftover wood, woodcutters, bolts or a strong adhesive, sandpaper, and varnish. To prevent mishaps, be careful to install tin candle holders or pans. When you combine polka dots with stripes, magic happens. A quick and enjoyable project, these handcrafted wooden candle holders require only a woodblock and some spray paint. You may use any contrasting colors in place of the espresso and white used in this tutorial. Use stencils to make candle holders that are entirely original if there are better choices than polka dots. Skip the paint and let the natural wood finish shine for a more Scandinavian look. You could create a set for each holiday to liven up your seasonal decor because they are so simple to produce.

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8. Wooden Book Bin

Wooden Book Bin

The DIY Book Bin is precisely what you need to get your books off the floor for a library with a contemporary flair. The Book Bin is a three-part category with four movable wooden legs for arranging books. This prevents dust from entering from under the book bin by preventing it from touching the floor. Your books will be maintained in good shape and at a height that makes them easier to see. Either you can create the classification system yourself, or you can purchase it from a specialized retailer. With only a few simple tools and supplies, you can quickly build this DIY book bin to create a bookshelf that looks excellent in any space.

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9. Wooden Jewelry Box

Wooden Jewelry Box

Keeping belts, scarves, watches, and other accessories organized is easy with the help of this DIY wooden jewelry box. The box is made of furniture-grade wood and is specifically made for all of your most pricey and fragile belongings. It’s made highly functional, even for people without construction expertise. Your new case will survive for years thanks to the carefully chosen wood utilized. The wooden jewelry box plan we provide assumes that you are familiar with certain fundamental concepts on how to work with wood. We will fill in the gaps for you where you are unfamiliar. It may be done easily if you wish to make the design bigger or more ornate.

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10. Wooden Organizer Box

Wooden Organizer Box

Keep an eye on your tiny possessions, such as jewelry, videotapes, medications, and office supplies. Your choice. There are no unused spaces, and the grid pattern of the dividers is visible in the box. Cut two pieces that reach from one box bottom to the other and four pieces that are the width of your box. Drop the even grid you’ve just assembled from your cut pieces into the container you have emptied. A specially constructed grid was sent to you to make the most of your box. Each component is the same length as the box’s width and stands at the same height.

For assembly, make a cross by sliding two pieces into one another; these will line the front and rear ends of the grid. Save the top and bottom of a box the next time you package something. Box dividers are a straightforward, ideal storage option for every item, small or large.

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11. Wooden Bin Box

Wooden Bin Box

Do you realize how frequently untidy mudrooms occur? What about hats, shoes, or mop heads? You’ll get some advice on organized storage from this post. The entrance to your home, the mudroom, is frequently the messiest space inside, especially if you have young boys or pets. You may store more items with DIY bins without being concerned about clutter.

Each bin measures 4 inches tall by 2 inches wide and has a foot-long clearance on both sides, which is ideal for storing shoes or hats. Taller objects may be conveniently stored because the top of each bin is only 1 inch above the surface. To prevent objects from being mixed up between bins, make labels on stickers and paste them below each container. You can quickly build a clutter-free mudroom where you can arrange all your belongings by following the project instructions below.

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12. Wooden Tub

Wooden Tub

This enormous contemporary planter is stunning and will undoubtedly make a statement on your porch or front entrance. The square inverted pyramid planter is both elegant and contemporary. Use timbers with striking grains and patterns whenever possible. The wood will get a sheen and a protective covering from varnishing.

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13. Wooden Card Holder Box

Wooden Card Holder Box

Find out how to keep your credit cards efficiently and resourcefully. We developed a straightforward DIY card box with just one piece of plywood. You may make a strong box for your cards by cutting the plywood into five pieces: 2 side panels, one front panel, and two end caps. The first step is to handsaw the panels with a sharp handsaw after marking them with straight lines 6 cm from the edge. After that is finished, put the box together by screwing the four components together. Finally, make an inner hole to fit your cards and fill them with them to store them safely.

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14. Huge Wooden Storage Box

Every home has a storage box; DIY your own to make it artistic, appealing, and affordable. This chest box will provide plenty of space for your seldom-used clothing items, tools in the garage or shed, and organizing toys in your kids’ rooms. Incorporate your favorite colors into the box, or leave the pallet planks alone.

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15. Wooden Mini Box For Hanging Plants

Wooden Mini Box for Hanging Plants

You can construct attractive and functional hanging planters at home. You may do this simple DIY project with your children. No prior woodworking knowledge is required. The only things needed were wood sticks, gorilla glue, and hanging rope. The wooden craft sticks are available online or at your local arts and crafts shop.

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Final Verdict

In order to bookend a manageable list of models, this article concludes the list with a straightforward design that demonstrates how to construct wooden boxes. This open-top box, with its capacity to hold whatever is required for it to be helpful, effectively summarizes the functionality of all the boxes. To make it easier to move about or use as a drawer with one handle, the little handle linked to the front might alternatively be on the rear.

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